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Delivering quality online videos you can use, copyright-free

News Canada provides you with timely, engaging lifestyle and news videos to fulfill your online needs.

One simple link pasted on your webpage and with each new video it will be automatically refreshed. You can create a standard position for the Info4yourLife videos saving you time and resources. You can also embed code to integrate automatically updated playlists.

Or select videos "a la carte" and simply e-mail it directly to your inbox. Hosting of the video is on us. Alternatively, we can upload to an FTP server according to your specs. Should you have any questions, email us or phone 416-599-9900 x 223.

Info4yourLife Video Content:

  • Free-of-charge and unrestricted for use on your website
  • Designed to educate, inform and entertain
  • Not time-sensitive
  • Videos are 90 seconds to 3 minutes in length
  • Complements existing advertising programs and can generate new revenue streams

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