December 2018

How to be a better gift giver this season

(NC) When you’ve got a lot of people to buy presents for during the holidays, it can be easy to grab the first thing you see and call it a day. To help check off that shopping list – and support small businesses and communities – check out these tips for shopping with a social conscience.

Support local businesses. Certain online marketplaces offer the option to filter by location, so you can browse items from businesses and artisans in your area. Craft sales, holiday markets and bazaars are also another good way to introduce yourself to your local arts scene – and pick up some goodies for friends and family.

Know where your gifts come from. Sometimes shopping at a big box store is the easiest way, but in recent years several online groups have been launched to help you learn where products from bigger companies come from and if they’re being made in an ethical and sustainable fashion. It might take a little googling, but this way you can ensure you’re supporting companies with values that match yours.

Give a gift that gives back. Select online retailers like UNICEF Market by UNICEF Canada are designed to support local artisans around the world. When you make a purchase here, not only are you getting a great gift for someone you love, you’re also helping to support a global artisan, their family and community.

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