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Beat your spring allergies naturally

(NC) Spring brings different things to all of us. For some it's a time to finally get back to jogging outside, for others it's a time to clean the backyard and plant this year's garden. Whichever way we decide to enjoy the spring weather, we must also be prepared for the arrival of nasty allergies

Nasal congestion, runny noses, sneezing, itchy palates, and red, watery, itchy eyes can become a nightmare for many. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, don't dread the arrival of spring. Follow these recommendations from the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) to help soothe the symptoms of your allergies and beat the sniffles and sneezes altogether:

Vitamin C has been shown to reduce histamine levels. Made by the body, histamines are linked to allergy symptoms. Vitamin C has also been shown to help decrease the sensitivity of our respiratory tract to histamines. 

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that prevents the release of histamines and other inflammatory chemicals that can cause allergy symptoms. It has been found to be extremely effective at reducing the symptoms of spring allergies. Quercetin can be purchased as a supplement from your natural health food retailer or alternatively cayenne pepper and garlic are also great natural sources.

Organic thyme can help to naturally relieve congestion that often occurs during the onset of spring allergies. It also aids in fighting infections caused by phlegm. To experience its benefits, drink a tea made from fresh thyme twice a day or take a supplement that preserves the natural properties of the herb.

Organic Peppermint teaalsohelps to relieve congestion; this is because the essential oils of peppermint tea are a natural decongestant. By eliminating the mucus and buildup in your respiratory tract, you also eliminate some of the allergens and irritants that may get caught there.

Organic chamomile's anti-inflammatory properties offer great relief to dry, itchy eyes. Place cold, wet organic chamomile tea bags over your eyes for 10 minutes for a lasting soothing effect.

Honey's healing qualities make it a great natural treatment for soothing sore throats caused by allergies. It's also widely believed that eating honey produced by bees in your region can help relieve allergies. Bees transfer pollen from flower blossoms to honey, so if you eat honey produced in your region, you will gradually become inoculated against the irritating effects of the pollen in your area.

Organic Ginger is a natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory. It can also help soothe the irritation of the respiratory tract and is especially powerful when combined with honey.

Whatever natural alternatives you decided to try this spring, remember it's always best to consult your health care practitioner before making any significant changes to your supplement regimen. More information is available at your local natural health retailer, or online at

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