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Getting Healthy Flavour Out of Your BBQ

(NC) Few things beat the aroma and flavour of a spring and summer barbecue, especially when the grilling happens on a sunny, warm weekend. Be aware, however, that some research suggests that barbecuing can be associated with health issues. For risk-free and delicious grilling, take a look at these recommendations from the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA).

The fat in meat, when grilled at high temperatures, is the prime culprit in the association between barbecuing and health concerns. This is because it forms carcinogenic compounds that linger in the meat or, when melted off, deposit back into your food by way of the smoke rising from your BBQ. To avoid this, CHFA has several recommendations.

Go for leaner cuts of quality meat and cook them at lower temperatures, for longer. What little fat is present in your meat will only form dangerous compounds at high temperatures, so this method will still have delicious results without the worry. Keep in mind that larger portions will take longer to cook, so opting for smaller cuts of meat and grilling more of them will reduce the cooking time of each piece.

Choose a vegetarian menu. It will also reduce your exposure to the risky compounds. This is because the carcinogens form in the fat of meats, which are non-existent in veggies. In addition to reducing the risk associated with these compounds, grilling vegetables will actually provide the many benefits you can expect from consuming quality produce. When possible, choose organic items for reduced exposure to pesticides and other unwanted toxins, says CHFA. However, make sure to keep your grill clean because the charred residue from previous barbecues will deposit the dangerous compounds into your veggies.

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