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How to barbecue the perfect steak

(NC) The steakhouse is a family favourite for its flavourful cuts of beef , so to save money, the grilling experts at Broil King are here to show us how to re-create those same savoury steaks on our own gas barbecues. Here are their tips.

• If it doesn't sizzle, it's not hot enough. Preheat your grill to at least 450° for great sear marks and steakhouse quality results.

• Season the grill: a thin coating of oil on a hot grill both protects the grill surface and keeps your food from sticking. A refillable oil mister is an easy way to do this. Tip: Always turn the burners to low before spraying oil; never use non-stick sprays with aerosol since they are flammable.

• Marinate your steak for 30 minutes to 2 hours (most cuts) to infuse complementary flavours into the meat.

• Any sweet or sugary barbecue sauce should be applied in the last two minutes on the grill, or after the meat is removed. These sauces burn easily and can ruin a great steak.

• Try a compound butter: first soften the butter to room temperature and then mix in the flavouring of your choice such as blue cheese, sundried tomato, cheddar & jalapeno. Top the hot steak with a pat of this butter and watch the flavour melt all over the grilled meat.

• Choose your weapon: don't pierce your steak, use a good set of tongs to turn them. The more you poke holes, the more flavour and tenderness escapes.

• Let it rest: cutting into a steak right off the grill lets juices escape onto the plate. Let any steak rest of 5 minutes before serving. The juices will settle evenly throughout the steak, giving a more tender, flavourful, and enjoyable dining experience.

Blue Cheese Compound Butter


2/3 cup butter, at room temperature

1/3 cup Roquefort cheese, crumbled

1 tbsp. shallots, finely chopped

1 1/2 tsp. fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped

Dash hot pepper sauce

Pinch salt


In a small bowl mix all ingredients together lightly with a fork until just evenly combined. Over-mixing will cause it to become too blue in colour. Spoon the mixture onto a sheet of waxed paper, and shape it into a log about 4 cm (1½") in diameter. Refrigerate 1 hour. Slice into 1.5 cm thick rounds (1/3") and place on hot grilled steaks to melt. Freeze leftovers butter.

Additional grilling recipes and tips are available at

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