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Insecticide advancement delivers multiple benefits

(NC) Pesticides, including insecticides, play an important role in ensuring that Canadians have access to a sustainable and abundant food supply. Without these products, the world would lose at least 40 per cent of its food supply to pest damage.

Over the last decade, the use of neonicotinoids in agriculture has been considered by many as having revolutionized the farmers' ability to control damaging pests in a more environmentally-friendly way. “Neonicotinoid seed treatments protect our crops by controlling pests during the first stages of plant life and into seedling emergence,” says Henry Van Ankum, chair of Grain Farmers of Ontario.”

Neonicotinoid treatments are applied directly to the seed, which limits any exposure to non-target organisms such as bees. And because of its effectiveness, this tool also reduces or even eliminates the number of insecticide sprays needed over the course of the growing season.

Just like all pest control products, neonicotinoids have been thoroughly assessed by Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency to ensure they can be used safely without harming bees.

Without neonicotinoids, farmers would be forced to return to older technologies, lose significant portion of their crop to insect damage and could be unable to grow certain crops altogether. “We need strong, healthy crops to provide safe, affordable food for Ontario, and to enable our farmers to compete in national and international markets,” says Van Ankum.

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