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Refresh your nest with modern styling

(NC)As we flip through the television channels, it's hard not to find a home improvement show about remodeling and DIY projects showing homeowners how to modernize their spaces. Here are three areas of the home that will give you the most 'bang for your buck' when it comes to a makeover:

First Stop: The Bathroom. When you're ready to sell your house, renovating the bathroom typically has a high return of 62 percent. A low-cost way to modernize the bathroom is to install new faucets. For example, the leading brand, Moen, tells us that their new Align collection pays attention to every detail with its sleek, contemporary pieces, creating a distinctly modern bathroom. This design gives you an attractive balance of style and function ideal for both the low profile bathroom, and for a grand master bath. Additional details at

“One of the keys to contemporary design is simplicity,” says Ji Kim, the director of global design at Moen. “When we're developing products for the modern homeowner, we keep that top-of-mind to ensure our styles are fresh, comfortable and will fit with their lifestyles.”

Second Stop: The Living Room. Modern design doesn't have to mean uncomfortable. Homeowners love modern interiors for the sleek and streamlined look, which leads to less clutter and visual stress. Expand the modern theme throughout the home by updating furniture with unfussy and relaxed pieces. There's no need to buy everything new. Fabric covers in an array of prints and colours can instantly bring new life to old furniture. For pieces that need to be replaced, consider purchasing solid and neutral furniture. As trends change, you can switch out pillows and blankets to stay up-to-date.

Keep neutrals in mind when selecting paint colours, as well. White, black, brown and gray will go with just about anything. For a pop of colour, paint an accent wall with a bold colour, or add extra personality with drapery or area rugs. Use lamps, paintings and accessories to give personal touch throughout the rest of your living space.

Final Stop: The Kitchen. Opening up shelving is a way to put a fresh, modern spin on your existing kitchen layout. You can order new cabinets with glass panels or simply remove the doors from your existing ones. Just make sure the exposed areas are not cluttered. Open shelving is a perfect place to display dishes; for a crisp look, try stacks of white plates and bowls. If you're looking for an edgy feel, try patterned or bright-coloured ones. Adding new hardware to cabinets is also an inexpensive way to improve the look of your kitchen.

Since faucets are the most used item in the kitchen, a new model can make a big impression. Moen tells us to swap out our old one for the new Tilt pullout faucet. This line features a distinct, top-mount handle, which allows the faucet to occupy a small horizontal space for the utmost in urban minimalism. To complement this hardware, consider updating your counters as well. Granite remains a popular choice because of its high style and durability.

Technology is also being used to aesthetically enhance our living space with modern touches. Mirror technology, for example, allows homeowners to disguise the TV when it isn't in use. Available for all television models, it will look like a mirror is in the room until the unit is turned on.

“The demand for minimalist, modern styling continues to increase,” adds Ji Kim. “From the bathroom to the kitchen, Moen has introduced a number of products to help homeowners achieve a contemporary look.

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