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Tips for installing a cost-effective bathroom

(NC) The bathroom is one of the most highly trafficked and important rooms in the house. When it comes to installing a new bathroom it is important to establish a plan and a budget. This can be challenging as installing plumbing and drainage lines can be very time consuming and costly.

Here are some tips to establishing a cost-effective budget without sacrificing functionality and design.

Know your DIY limits: Assess which aspects of the project you can complete yourself, and which ones you will require a professional. Over-estimating your DIY ability will be effective for the budgeting stage, however unrealistic self expectations can set you back both financially and time wise.

Ventilation: Moisture can be your bathrooms greatest long-term foe. If your bathroom is not properly ventilated mold and mildew can cost you a fortune down the road. If possible, include windows for natural light, and ventilation. If it is not possible to include a window, then be sure to install a ventilation fan, which pulls air out and allows fresh air to draw back in. The size of the ventilation fan is dependent on the size of your bathroom.

Macerating toilet systems: Known as the new generation of plumbing, macerating toilet systems are a fast, cost-effective, and eco-friendly option for bathroom installations and renovations. With macerating systems, the water is routed through the toilet into a macerator where a rotating blade reduces waste and toilet paper, so it can be pumped through ¾ inch pumping to the nearest drain line. This allows drain lines to run without opening up walls and floors. The system not only saves you money on conventional plumbing costs, but it uses approximately 38 per cent less water per flush.

More information on these toilet systems is available online at or toll-free at 1-800-363-5874

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