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Host an all-girls Valentine bash

(NC) Single girls are never shy with the idea of letting their hair down, so when Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, like this year, it spells nothing but party time to celebrate one another.

Invite your single gal-pals — plus any girlfriends who need a night out — to your place, and expect these ladies to bring a lot of laughter and a whole lot of fun.

“Good friendships mean that throwing a party can be easy without too much work,” says Canadian style expert, Janette Ewen. “Each guest can contribute something to the food, music, beverages, and decorations — and you can be in charge of the surprises. For example, Valentine-inspired jewelry between friends can be a treasured gift if everyone is involved, and there are ways to keep things affordable.”

Here are a few more of Ewen's stylish ideas to make your party pop:

Decorate: The décor should be fabulous and bright so start with lots of pink and red. Add vintage inspired garlands, plenty of candles, some cheeky napkins and a whimsical centerpiece to set the mood.

Music: Invite your friends to send their top two music selections and compile a playlist prior to the party. Make sure it includes everyone's favourite female artists, and feel-good songs like Single Ladies and Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Be sure to clear some space to dance the night away.

Food: Save the stress and host a potluck. Ask each guest to bring one dish, perhaps a signature recipe of their mother or grandmother. Plan your own signature cocktail, or set up a Pink Bar stocked with sparkling rosé, raspberry vodka, maraschino cherries, cranberry juice, and the list goes on. Then set up a Sundae Bar to indulge in with over-the-top DIY ice cream creations.

Surprises: Plan a Secret Cupid gift exchange with a set cost. Put all the little packages in a big bowl to be picked at random. Or request that each woman buys herself something nice to be revealed at the right moment.

And when it comes to the trendiest heart-shaped dazzlers, Ewen has some pointers:

“Every year, leading jewelry retailer, Pandora, adds extra glam to its Valentine collection of pendants, charms, rings and earrings,” she points out. “This season, the jewelry brand has added pretty, vintage-style jewelry. The new pieces add a chic shine to any look.”

Ewen's favourites include a sterling silver heart locket, a stone-embellished heart bracelet, and delicate heart-shaped stud earrings.

“And, take a look at the Pandora Moments collection of charms, she continued. “The Love 'dangle' (to be worn as a necklace pendant or bracelet charm) with its single salmon-hued heart placed inside the letter O, stands out as a reference to iconic pop art. The eye-catching stackable sterling silver rings, featuring colourful hearts and beaded details, add instant glamour for Valentine's Day.”

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