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Improve the lighting outside for better home safety

(NC) Effective outdoor lighting can help significantly to reduce hazards such as slips and falls during the winter months. It can be done simply, but it's a safety tip that is often forgotten.

The first measures that come to mind are adequate window insulation, cleaning the heating vents, wrapping delicate outdoor trees and salting our driveways to prepare for the ice. And yet, by improving the lighting outside you're going to enhance both safety and beauty at the same time.

There is a lot of light bulb variety, of course, so Rona experts are here to show us how to choose the right lights and the best places to install them:

Install adequate lighting in main walking areas. The driveway, front steps and porch are the main areas we use to access our home. Bright lights are therefore a must, and compact florescent lights (CFLs) are a good energy efficient option to increase safety in these high traffic areas.

Consider motion activated lights. We don't always remember to turn on our outdoor lights when we leave the house during the day and we often come home after dark in the winter months. Motion activated lights over your driveway, front porch and back entrance are a great way to ensure they turn on when you and your family come home. Any type of energy efficient light bulb can be connected to a motion sensor.

Use a timer to save on energy consumption. To reduce your energy bill, use energy efficient lights such as CFLs or LEDs in conjunction with a timer. This will ensure your outdoor lights are turned on and off at the same time every day, and never be left on for long periods of time.

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