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Take stock of your investments at RRSP time

(NC) Despite the return to more bullish market conditions, memories of the 2008 financial crisis still haunt many Canadians. And, five years later, the resulting uneasiness continues to affect how many investors have positioned their portfolios to meet their investment goals.

“Many investors, nervous about making poor decisions, have been avoiding the stock market entirely. However, this avoidance, rooted in fear, may be putting their long-term investment goals at risk,” explains Ronice Barlow, head of strategic planning and business development at Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. “But with the right information and attitude, investors can work with their investment advisors to reframe their perspectives and get their plans back on track to meet their short- and long-term goals.”

For those who remain hesitant to make a move, the Registered Retirement Savings Plan season can be a useful catalyst for taking stock of the current market environment and identifying prudent ways to reposition portfolios to meet retirement goals.

Letting the sting of previous losses, or even the comfort of following the crowd, influence investment decisions are common mistakes that many investors make. In order to make well-informed decisions this RRSP season, Barlowrecommends seeking the expert counsel of an investment advisor.An advisor can help you plan or even recommit to an investment strategy based on your individual goals and an objective assessment of current conditions.

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