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Choosing the best vitamin-enhanced water for you

(NC) Choosing among the various vitamin-enhanced water options available today can be somewhat confusing. Indeed, a wide variety of products currently offer the same benefits, yet contain different ingredients. This is why you should carefully read the ingredients before making a choice, as this will enable you to find the beverage that best suits your needs, whether it be to effectively rebalance your mind, body or energy levels.

Consumers must know what to take into account to fully benefit from the proposed formula. “Those seeking a quality wellness drink must make sure that it contains the essential vitamins recommended for adults: A, B3, B5, B6, B12, D and E,” explains CJ Rapp, CEO of Karma Culture.

“Consumers should make a habit of checking the nutritional panel and added ingredients, adds Mr. Rapp. All our products contain 20 calories per bottle, are low in sodium and are free of preservatives, gluten and lactose.”

Among the natural ingredients to look for is stevia, an excellent natural sweetener option. This South American herb features strong sweetening attributes, yet contains fewer carbohydrates than sugar. What's more, its use can considerably lower a product's calorie content. Also choose drinks made with natural spring water, as it is free of any trace of pollution and chemical agents. Spring water, which naturally complies with all health standards, is beneficial for one's body.

One last factor to consider is vitamin effectiveness upon consumption. Indeed, the nutritional value shown on the label is calculated upon bottling rather than consumption. After 90 days from its date of production, water-diluted vitamins may lose up to 50% of their beneficial effects due to exposure to UV rays, oxygen and heat.

“Our KarmaCap technology preserves vitamins in powder form in the hermetically-sealed cap until use, concludes Mr. Rapp. As a result, consumers benefit from maximum vitamin potency when they drink their water. This technology has earned us the 2013 Convenience Innovation Award, Beverages Category, at the National Convenience Stores Distributor Association Gala.”

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