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Making a green New Year's resolution?

(NC) January marks the beginning of a new year–a fresh start to achieve goals and let go of past behaviours. While the most popular resolutions are often to get our bodies or bank accounts in shape, this time of year is also a good time to look at getting our personal space and environment in shape.

The team at, operated by Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES), has put together some resolutions heard by enthusiastic Ontarians at our community collection events.

1. I will unplug my charger when I unplug my device to minimize energy usage (since my charger still draws power from the outlet).
2. I’ll invest in a power bar with a timer and auto shut off (these can reduce the use of electricity drawn when electronics are left plugged in or in stand-by mode).
3. I resolve to declutter my closets and drawers of tech gadgets I no longer use or want.
4. I will not throw unwanted electronics in the garbage.
5. I’ll donate working laptops or computers, still in good condition, to those in need.
6. I will take reusable laptops or computers to be refurbished or have good working parts put to reuse. Visit to find a responsible “Reuse” collection site. Results can be filtered by those locations using the “Reuse” icon in search lookup.
7. I will make an effort to drop off old or kaput electronics for recycling at a responsible and approved OES collector. Visit for the approved list of accepted electronics, and to find your closest collection site.
8. I resolve to recycle everything that is recyclable.

“There are lots of other ways for Ontarians to do their part to get our personal spaces and environment into shape,” says Sandra Pakosh, Director, Communications of OES. “Diverting e-waste from landfill is one clean and green resolution that will help keep Ontario beautiful in 2014.”

Electronics contain substances of concern that can harm our waterways, roadways and eco systems if not disposed of properly. In addition, they also contain metals, glass and plastic that can be turned into raw materials for future production of new products. By resolving to do our part by donating still functioning devices for reuse, or recycling electronics using OES-approved service providers, we can enjoy the fun and benefits of gifted gadgets.

Recycling your electronics is free and more convenient than ever. More than 96 per cent of Ontarians live within 10km of an OES-approved collection site. Visit to find your nearest drop-off point.

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