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Shining a light on LED myths and facts

(NC) It's time to set the record straight. As the government transitions out incandescent light bulbs, there are many misconceptions that need to be addressed about energy-efficient options available – in particular LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), the newest kid on the block. According to experts in the lighting department at The Home Depot, the following misperceptions are the most common.

Myth #1: They only work for basic fixtures

Fact: There are LEDs for every need, including many household appliances, indoor flood lighting, decorative bulbs (chandeliers) and outdoor fixtures. LED bulbs can also be as small as 2 millimetres making them ideal for fitting into hard-to-reach and compact areas.

Myth #2: They produce bright blue and blasting light

Fact: Colour temperature describes the visual warmth or coolness of a light source and LED lights are available in a wide range, from a bright light or a mellow glow, making them suitable for any room. They also offer dimming and colour changing abilities – whether you want to create a natural atmosphere in the bathroom or elegant, ambient lighting in your dining room.

Myth #3: They are too expensive

Fact: LEDs have an incredibly long life, lasting up to 25,000 hours (22+ years) – compared to the lifespan of an incandescent light bulb, which is approximately 1,000 hours. Based on lifespan and typical electrical usage, an incandescent light bulb will cost homeowners about $8.00 per year to run, while an LED bulb comes in at only $1.75.

Myth #4: They are hard to find in stores

Fact: Retailers across Canada, including The Home Depot, carry hundreds of LED products to meet all your household lighting needs. With well-known brands like Cree and Philips, the bulbs are widely available.

Myth #5: Switching to LEDs requires changing existing fixtures

Fact: All LEDs currently on the market are designed to fit all types of existing sockets. They work in standard bases that are common with incandescent and halogen installations. In most cases, they are the same size if not slightly smaller than the bulbs they replace and do not pose any difficulties when making the switch.

Visit The Home Depot or visit to check out the wide selection of bulbs available and start saving today.

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