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Technology working for wellness

(NC) Physical activity is key to achieving and maintaining good health. Indeed, health professionals recommend adding it to our daily routine to optimize results. More and more people are choosing yoga as a sport or recreational activity to achieve balance in their lives.

Yoga can provide several physical benefits, such as resistance to fatigue, as well as improved blood pressure, digestion and blood flow. At the mental level, it helps fight stress and anxiety, find inner peace and facilitate sleep.

Inspired by yoga's core principles (wellness, positive thinking and positive energy), vitamin-enhanced Karma Wellness Water is an alternative health drink to help you reset your spiritual and physical balance. Its premise is simple: give your body positive energy, and it will provide the same in return.

KarmaCap: the cap that makes all the difference

We can't talk about vitamin-enhanced water without also addressing ingredients and their nutritional benefits. How effective those drinks are is measured by the potency of the water-infused vitamins, as well as the positive effects of all other listed ingredients.

Pre-blended vitamin-enhanced water is the most widely available product when it comes to those types of drinks. However, water-soluble vitamins may have already lost up to 50% of their beneficial effects due to exposure to UV rays, oxygen and heat. Consumers can now enjoy the full potency of the vitamins and other nutritional ingredients of our own vitamin-enhanced water. After just a few seconds to let the infusion process take place, your drink is ready.

Our KarmaCap technology, consisting of a hermetically sealed cap containing vitamins preserved in powder form, enables consumers to better enjoy the benefits of their vitamin-enhanced water. The push of a button is all that's needed to release these nutritional ingredients in the bottle. Once gently shaken, your freshly mixed water is ready to drink. This technology was designed to offer you a reliable vitamin-enhanced water option in line with the benefits and wellness your body draws from yoga and a healthy diet.

For more information on KarmaCap, please visit:

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