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5 signs that point to poor home insulation

(NC) Most homeowners do not notice the red flags that say the insulation is failing to provide optimal comfort throughout the year. The inability to properly heat and cool your house, maintain even temperatures, and create a positive, healthy living space can hinder one's health as well as their bank balance. There are five signs every homeowner should consider when assessing insulation performance, as follows:

Older Construction – Homes more than 30 years old tend to use outdated insulation materials such as fibreglass and cellulose that are unable to provide consistent insulating value. Gaps left by inconsistent coverage or settling mean that the conditioned air escapes the home, forcing heating and cooling equipment to overcompensate for such losses, causing bills to skyrocket.

Window Condensation – If homeowners notice water vapour accumulating on window panes, linoleum or concrete surfaces, chances are that the insulation is unable to help regulate temperature throughout. Additionally, the accumulation of moisture can lead to the potential for mould and mildew which, in turn, can cause health issues for occupants.

Drafts – Cold spots and drafts are a direct result of inadequate insulation protection. The gaps and cracks left exposed by traditional insulation materials can equate to the size of a basketball. When combined, these gaps allow cooler air to flow through the walls and create drafts.

Thermostat Fluctuation – Like older homes and drafts, a fluctuating thermostat means conditioned air is escaping your home and the furnace or air-conditioner is trying to compensate. Homes that are unable to hold heat are often lacking adequate insulation.

HVAC Trouble – An overworked furnace or air-conditioner will wear more quickly than a system that operates at optimal levels, as a result, homeowners may find themselves need to replace the unit sooner than expected.

Homeowners can take active steps to combat problems caused by poor insulation by investing in updated materials. Spray foam insulation, like that available from Icynene, both insulates and air-seals the home to provide year round comfort while reducing energy consumption. This high-quality insulation provides immediate and long-term return on investment, allowing you and your family to save money and live comfortably. More information can be found at

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