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Fortify your house against weather extremes

(NC) Snow, blizzards, Arctic winds and damaging ice storms have wreaked havoc across the country during the long winter months, so are you sure your home will protect you from the elements all year long? There is no time like spring to make this assessment.

Begin by inspecting the insulation, experts say. Upgrading the quality is your best defense for all seasonal changes and the most advanced is spray foam insulation. This innovative material will help mitigate heating and cooling cost increases and provide a return on investment while reducing your overall impact on the environment. Here's a little guidance:

Increase Insulation – While boosting your home's insulation R-value can help enhance comfort, air sealing your home with an all-in-one spray foam insulation product can actually help generate more efficiency. Take a look at a leading brand called, Icynene. Its high R-value and air-sealing properties can reduce heating and cooling bills as well as provide better temperature control all year round.

Replace Underperforming Insulation – Traditional insulation materials such as fibreglass and cellulose tend to settle over time compromising their performance. Building professionals will typically suggest that homeowners replace underperforming insulation with a material that stays in place and performs optimally throughout the year. Plus, removing older insulation material helps reduce the risk of mould growth and mildew within the home.

Shrink HVAC Needs – By increasing your home's energy efficiency and using an air-sealing and insulating material like spray foam insulation, homeowners can run their furnace or air-conditioner less often thereby reducing their impact on the environment and reducing their monthly costs by as much as half. In fact, homeowners may even be able to install a smaller unit and cut costs further.

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