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What are your technology predictions?

What are your technology predictions?

(NC) There is no denying that Canadians are avidly connected to technology. Did you know that on average, most of us keep our smartphones within reach for 70 per cent of the day?

Canadians also have avid imaginations when it comes to future technology predictions, according to a recent report commissioned by Rogers Communications and conducted by Harris-Decima.

The report reveals the emergence of a Device Generation in Canada, or 'Generation D'. Gen D'ers are optimistic about the future of technology, and live life through 'always-on' internet and connected devices.

On average, 52 per cent have a smartphone or tablet that is loaded with 25 apps. Communicating online is the norm for this highly connected generation. In fact, one quarter, or 25 per cent admitted to Tweeting or Facebooking someone while in the same room.

Furthermore, Canadians envision a world where technology will unleash a connected reality. Over a third (39%) of the survey respondents said they believe that virtual communication will replace face-to-face interactions and 50 per cent expect to chat exclusively through text, social media and email via smartphones in the next five years. Canadians expect the smartphones of 2019 will have retina scanners (53%), built-in projectors (25%), augmented reality (46%) and 3D screens (33%). Here are a few more findings:

Connected concierge: Over a third (39%) expect apps to become their butler, to draw baths, cut the lawn, vacuum and even do their laundry in the future.

An app a day could keep the doctor away: Over half (52%) believe apps will connect them to physicians and 31 per cent think apps will even predict life threatening health issues.

Steer clear: A majority (84%) believe that cars will anticipate accidents and provide weather alerts in the future.

Cut the plastic and tap into purchases: By 2019, over half (61%) of Canadians expect to throw out their physical wallets, to be replaced with mobile wallets that include credit and debit cards, and personal ID.

Future TV viewers expect to sit in the director's chair: In the future, almost half (49%) will take to social media to alter a show's plot by voting in real-time.

For more of the report's findings, an in-depth infographic is available at:

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