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Health and Safety
Word count: 65
(NC) In Canada, pesticides are assessed by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to ensure they are effective and can be used safely. According to the agency, this means that not only will the pesticide do the job it was designed to do, but when used properly, you can be assured that there is no risk to human health or the environment.
Word count: 193
(NC) For allergy sufferers everywhere, the first sign of ragweed is a terrifying one. It signals a long season of coughing, itchy eyes and sore throat — basically a constant state of misery. This weed is more than just an eyesore for Canadians; it's a major health concern.
Word count: 425
(NC) Many of us are on the lookout for high-impact protein that is produced in a sustainable manner. Cricket powder is a unique new choice for this.
Word count: 338
(NC) It's officially spring, full of warmer weather, longer days and seasonal allergies. Allergies are the second most common minor ailment pharmacists get asked about, which isn't too surprising given almost a quarter of Canadians are affected.
Word count: 341
(NC) Warmer weather is the perfect motivation for ending your winter hibernation and making healthier choices. Whether your goal is run a short race or lose a few pounds before summer, these simple tips can help you get started.
Word count: 247
(NC) For any amount of weight you may want to lose, starting can be the hardest part. But you can set yourself up for success by creating a plan. Here are some tips to help you achieve and maintain a healthier weight.
Word count: 243
(NC) Everyone enjoys the occasional salty snack or sugary dessert, but sometimes our food cravings can derail our healthy lifestyle goals. These tips can help you develop some better eating habits and maintain a healthy weight.
Word count: 301
(NC) Loud noise is a growing threat to hearing health in Canada, yet many of us are unaware of its prevalence and what steps we can take to protect our families.
Word count: 271
(NC) Buying your first home can be exciting, but it is important to realize the slew of new responsibilities that come with owning property. Tasks that a landlord would take care of are now on your plate. Here are some to keep in mind:
Word count: 242
(NC) Health and wellness is no longer a trend, but a way of life. We look to eat nutritious foods and filter the water we drink. But what about the air we breathe?
Word count: 350
(NC) There is no better time to renovate or spruce up a room than spring. But living through it can be messy. Here are five tips to help keep your home in good shape during a reno:
Word count: 273
(NC) Warmer months mean more sunshine, growing trees and blooming flowers. But for people with allergies, these can also lead to an influx of pollen and hay fever, causing red itchy eyes and congestion.
Word count: 327
(NC) With more than 5,000 kilometres from coast to coast, it's no wonder Canadians are fans of summertime road trips.
Word count: 366
(NC) If your vehicle isn't as smooth to drive after a few years, it probably has something to do with its suspension system. This is called ride control. It's really a combination of all the factors that determine how well your car, truck or SUV navigates the road while it's in motion.
Word count: 222
(NC) If you're renting, you may not realize that your landlord's insurance policy won't cover your property and personal belongings if a fire or other damaging incident happens. Only tenant insurance can do that.
Word count: 279
(NC) Getting into a car accident – even a minor one – can be scary and stressful. While it's easy to become overwhelmed, focusing on what you need to do next can help you stay safe and calm.
Word count: 362
(NC) Spring has arrived, bringing with it new life, fresh vegetation and buckets of rain. In between splashing in puddles and smelling the budding flowers, make sure you take the time to inspect your home in advance of increased precipitation.
Word count: 281
(NC) Most of us know that breathing asbestos fibres can cause cancer and other diseases. But although many know it's often found in insulation, few realize it may also be in cement, plaster, floor and ceiling tiles, house siding and certain car parts.
Word count: 367
(NC) Whether it's a DIY project or one you hire a pro for, a home upgrade can add beauty and comfort to your living spaces. But before you start, know that some furniture and building materials made from composite wood may be a source of formaldehyde.
Word count: 327
(NC) As spring's finally in the air, perhaps you've decided to give the living room a fresh coat of paint. Or maybe you're suddenly inspired to refinish that old dresser that was given to you.
Word count: 228
(NC) If you ask an average three-year-old what makes slime a good slime, you might expect the response to include words like gooey, sticky, slimy and stretchy. Extra points might be awarded if an older sister considers the slime “totally gross.”
Word count: 299
(NC) You've found the ideal chair at your neighbour's garage sale — it just needs a little TLC before it will look perfect in the bedroom. Bringing old furniture back to life can be a fun project that adds style to your home, but there are some hazards.
Word count: 279
(NC) As the days grow longer and the sun begins to warm the soul, many of us might be thinking it's time to get our home ready for the warmer weather. It's a perfect time to embark on that painting or renovation project you've been dreaming about.
Word count: 323
(NC) Most do-it-yourself improvement projects help to make your home a more beautiful and comfortable place to live. However, some designs have benefits beyond just aesthetics, and can make your property a safer, healthier place for you and your family.
Word count: 292
(NC) Warmer weather brings with it barbecues, camping and sunny days on the water. It also increases the activity of ticks, especially near wooded areas.
Word count: 285
(NC) We all enjoy spending time outside in warmer weather, whether it's at the cottage, camping or having a picnic. However, with a rise in the number of cases of Lyme disease and risk of other tick-borne diseases across Canada, precautions should be taken if our hangouts are at risk for ticks.
Word count: 414
(NC) Whether you love playing sports like golf and fishing or you like reading a book in the backyard, warm weather offers many opportunities to spend time outside. However, a recent increase in Lyme disease and risk of other cases of tick-borne disease means it's important to be careful of ticks.
Word count: 326
(NC) As we take advantage of the warmer weather and longer daylight hours, we'll be spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. It is important to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy by following these tips.
Word count: 242
(NC) Tick populations across Canada are spreading, and bringing with them a rise in new cases of Lyme disease and risk of other tick-borne diseases.
Word count: 308
(NC) It can be challenging to juggle your time to meet the concurrent needs of children and aging parents who all require your attention and care. There are some things you can do to achieve a better balance of work and caring responsibilities.
Word count: 325
(NC) Caring for someone with a chronic health condition takes time and energy, and can easily take an emotional and physical toll. If you're feeling stressed and under pressure, these tips may help you cope.
Word count: 328
(NC) For many people living with a health condition, dealing with stereotypes and myths can be a significant challenge. Stigma can also prevent people from receiving an early diagnosis, seeking treatment, and having the best quality of life possible.
Word count: 257
(NC) Like exercising your body, exercising your brain is also important. Keeping your mind active and engaged may help reduce your risk of dementia. Here are some fun things you can do every day.
Word count: 309
(NC) It's normal to forget some things as we get older. According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada, almost 40 per cent of people over age 65 experience some type of memory loss. Dementia and related conditions like Alzheimer's disease are more than just forgetfulness.
Word count: 368
(NC) Dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, is having a significant and growing impact on Canadians, with on average, nine seniors being diagnosed every hour. Although age is the biggest risk factor, there are many things you can do to boost your brain's activity, and help reduce your risk of dementia and memory loss, while also improving cardiovascular health and lowering stress levels.
Word count: 273
(NC) Today's expectant moms often lead busy, active lifestyles. Whether you're juggling your career or running after your older kids, make sure to take a few steps to help ensure a healthy baby.
Word count: 381
(NC) We all know the jokes about strange cravings like pickles and ice cream during pregnancy, but your diet is even more important than usual now. The options can seem endless and the advice overwhelming, but eating right when expecting is simpler than you think.
Word count: 354
(NC) Physical activity during pregnancy can make you feel better and is good for both you and your developing baby. Exercising during pregnancy can also be the first step toward a healthier life for you and your family. Use these simple tips to get started:
Word count: 372
(NC) Being pregnant brings so many changes to your life, from your changing body down to the food you crave.. It can seem daunting, as the food you choose will impact you and your baby, but picking foods that will help your baby grow and develop is easier than you might think with these easy tips:
Word count: 326
(NC) One of the essential vitamins during pregnancy is folic acid. Folic acid is called folate when it occurs naturally. Did you know it's important to take even if you're not expecting?
Word count: 303
(NC) Most parents recognize the benefits of vaccines and make sure their children get all their recommended shots. What about their own protection? Here are five facts you might not know about adult vaccination.
Word count: 300
(NC) Becoming a new parent brings happiness and excitement, but also periods of doubt and worry. We all want what's best for our child and to make the best decisions possible. If you're wondering if you should get your child vaccinated, inform yourself using reputable sources and learn more about why vaccines are important.
Word count: 311
(NC) If you're a new parent, chances are you've already been given a wealth of advice and information about your baby's health and well-being. One of the most important steps you'll take has to do with preventing serious disease through vaccination. The vaccination schedule will help protect your baby from 14 serious diseases when they need it the most.
Word count: 371
(NC) Being a new parent brings a lot of firsts for both you and your child. Bringing your child to their first vaccination appointment may not be the most magical moment, but it does not need to be unpleasant.
Word count: 467
(NC) Vaccinating your child is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make as a parent. It could prevent your child from getting very sick and could even save their life. Here are some questions to help you talk to your family doctor or nurse on this important topic.
Word count: 322
(NC) Across Canada, we face a number of hazards such as floods, power outages and industrial or transportation accidents. Learn how quick and easy it is to become better prepared and stay safe throughout a range of emergencies — anytime, anywhere.
Word count: 257
(NC) During the warmer months, an emergency like a flood or power outage can strike at any time. Make sure you and your family are prepared and protected by keeping these items around the house in any easy-to-access spot.
Word count: 390
(NC) We use smartphones and social media to send emails, share funny memes and binge-watch our favourite shows. But in the event of a disaster or major emergency, these tools can become vital in helping you and your family get in touch and stay informed.
Word count: 404
(NC) Most power outages will be over almost as soon as they begin, but some can last much longer — up to days or even weeks. Fortunately, you can lessen the impact of a power outage by taking the time to prepare in advance.
Word count: 332
(NC) Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a weekend at the cottage. But power outages, heavy rainfalls and flooding can quickly put a damper on the fun. Follow these tips to keep you, your family and your property safe all season long.
Word count: 271
(NC) Last year we saw record rainfall in many parts of Canada over the warmer months. Before the first summer storm hits this year, take some time to protect your property against flooding.
Word count: 394
(NC) Canada is currently experiencing an epidemic of opioid-related overdoses and deaths, increasingly linked to fentanyl-tainted street drugs.
Word count: 340
(NC) Chances are you know someone who is affected by problematic opioid or other substance use. But they may not tell you because of the stigma of drug use.
Word count: 440
(NC) While it might be an uncomfortable subject for many parents, the “drug talk” has never been more important. The opioid crisis – made worse by the increased amount of highly toxic fentanyl in the illegal drug supply - has led to over 2,800 opioid related overdose deaths in 2016 and could be as high as 4,000 deaths in 2017 across Canada.
Word count: 248
(NC) Eating nutritious meals can be easy even when you're busy. Spending just a few minutes planning can help get meals on the table faster, and save time and money. It can also help you make healthier choices at the grocery store and in your everyday life.
Word count: 237
(NC) Encouraging healthy eating at an early age is a great way to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
Word count: 296
(NC) We all want to improve our health, and an easy way to do that is to lower the amount of sodium we consume.
Word count: 401
(NC) Think you need to spend a bundle to eat healthy foods? These tips will help you stay on-budget and prepare wholesome meals that the whole family will love.
Word count: 243
(NC) News articles and stories have been warning us about superbugs. They may be the boogeyman of healthcare, but they are very real. They develop when bacterial diseases become resistant to the antibiotics used to treat them, rendering them useless.
Word count: 258
(NC) Did you know that some bacterial foodborne infections are becoming immune to the antibiotics used to treat them?
Word count: 291
(NC) In the spirit of growth and new beginnings, it's time to clean up the old and bring out the new. But where do you start your spring cleaning and how do you properly dispose of what's no longer needed?
Word count: 334
(NC) Even if you're doing your best to eat healthy, you may wonder if you need to boost your diet with a vitamin or mineral. Although most people who follow Canada's food guide receive enough nutrients, some of us would benefit from a supplement.
Word count: 349
(NC) Today's on-the-go lifestyles and the abundance of tasty, tempting fast food options can make sticking to healthy eating goals challenging. But maintaining a nutritious and appetizing diet can be easier than you think.
Word count: 428
(NC) If you're like most people, squeezing a bit more physical activity into your day wouldn't hurt. An easy way to do this is to make small, sustainable efforts to be more active as you go about your day.
Word count: 349
(NC) With the Government proposing new changes to the legal status of cannabis, many of us are wondering what to think and how it will affect us, our families and communities. A new Health Canada survey sought to obtain detailed information about the knowledge, attitudes and behaviours of Canadians who use cannabis for non-medical and medical purposes and the perceptions of non-users. Here are some interesting insights from the survey.
Word count: 362
(NC) As a parent, you are one of your children's most important role models and their best source of support for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help set them on the right track for a fit body and mind.
Word count: 404
(NC) Across the country, people are talking about the upcoming legalization of cannabis. But what does the proposed Cannabis Act mean for you and your community? Here are some things you need to know.
Word count: 336
(NC) While the warmer weather might not be here just yet, the longer days and the promise of spring is enough to bring you out of that winter slump. Maybe you've already got a spring cleaning planned. Why not clean up your health routine at the same time? Here are some tips to get you started.
Word count: 305
(NC) With warmer temperatures providing some inspiration to start moving again, now's the time to get our forgotten health resolutions back on track. The key to a happier, healthier body and mind is making small but smart lifestyle changes that you can maintain long term, instead of jumping on the latest trend. Learn more about some common myths and fads before trying them out.
Word count: 358
(NC) After a long winter, most of us are itching to head outside to enjoy the milder weather. A great way to have fun with the family is a weekend road trip. Use these tips for a safe and entertaining drive.
Word count: 214
(NC) Do you ever feel like all you do is work? If you are weighed down by your job, consider trying to balance out your daily schedule more. Here are some tips that are easy to incorporate into your every day:
Word count: 301
(NC) Once the snow melts and we shed our winter layers, it's time to get out and become more active, both physically and in our communities. Here are some meaningful ways to get started!