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Health and Safety
Word count: 322
(NC) Besides taste-testing baked goods and treats during the busy holiday baking season, children also love to get their hands dirty and participate in the baking and cookie making process. Whether it's helping mom frost her latest batch of red velvet cupcakes for her work holiday party or learning the family recipe for candy cane squares from dad, baking is a creative outlet that many children enjoy during the holiday season.
Word count: 373
(NC) Baking for the holidays is one the most fun family traditions — rolling out the dough, cutting the gingerbread men and candy cane shapes and mixing buttercream can bring a smile to the face of any aspiring baker. But it's important to understand and follow necessary safety measures.
Word count: 287
(NC) While the season is celebrated with hockey and hot chocolate, it also comes with ice, snow and cold toes. Rather than turning a blind eye to upcoming storms, these car hacks will prepare you for anything the frigid season brings.
Word count: 350
(NC) Twinkling lights and a tree with all the trimmings get everyone in the holiday spirit. But sometimes these decorations can bring just as much danger as joy. Fires involving Christmas trees and holiday lights can result in a large amount of direct property damage each year.
Word count: 236
(NC) As a soon-to-be-mom, you're counting down the days until you meet your new baby, and you're making smart lifestyle decisions along the way. While cutting out cigarettes and alcohol is a no-brainer, some moms-to-be are not so sure about marijuana. Some may think pot is natural and a way to deal with morning sickness. But what do the experts believe?
Word count: 290
(NC) With the upcoming changes to the legal status of cannabis in Canada being considered, a popular topic of debate is its possible effects on our health. How does it stack up when compared to other substances, like smoking cigarettes?
Word count: 451
(NC) With the upcoming changes to the legal status of cannabis in Canada being considered, many of us are wondering about the possible health effects and risks. While cannabis may make you feel relaxed and happy, you could also experience unpleasant, unwanted or negative effects on your brain and body. Here are some health facts to help you make an informed decision.
Word count: 353
(NC) Most parents eagerly look forward to quality time with their children when they come home from university or college for the winter break. But this can also be stressful and chaotic time for any family — students are excited to test out their newfound independence on home turf, while parents and younger siblings aren't sure how to deal with the changes to their daily routines. If your son or daughter is visiting during the holidays, here are some tips to keep everyone happy.
Word count: 371
(NC) As parents, you might find one of the trickiest subjects to bring up with your kids is drugs. And with possible changes on the horizon, cannabis is a hot topic. But you have more influence than you think, as youth often count on parents as a trusted source of information. Here are some expert-approved tips to get you started.
Word Count: 192
(NC) From heavy snow to slippery ice, Canadian winter weather conditions can change without warning and provide challenges on the road. To help motorists stay safe on winter roads, here are some helpful tips from Sean Griffin, vice-president of operations at UPS Canada, where drivers are trained to deal with the harsh winter weather.
Word count: 357
(NC) We've all heard someone mention that they have a touch of the flu. But was it the flu, or was it a really bad cold?
Word count: 286
(NC) Parents know children are active and curious. But this endearing quality makes it easier for them to catch and spread viruses like the flu, both at school and home. For children under five who get the flu, complications can include pneumonia, ear infections and dehydration, which can result in a trip to the hospital.
Word count: 230
(NC) As the weather gets colder, people make certain changes — dressing warmer, drinking hot beverages and staying healthy by getting the flu shot.
Word count: 422
(NC) Busier schedules and more time spent indoors means winter is also unofficially cold and flu season. If a seasonal ailment has you or your kids down, it's important to know what it is so you can get treatment and start to feel better. More than recognizing if you have a cold or flu, it's essential to know if your illness is viral or bacterial because this will determine whether you need an antibiotic. Only bacterial, not viral, infections benefit from antibiotics.
Word count: 280
(NC) When you get sick with an infection, you go to the doctor, who might prescribe an antibiotic. You take the medication as indicated, and in a few days, you start to feel better and are soon back to your old self. But what if it weren't so simple?
Word count: 415
(NC) Superbugs are more than just the latest health scare — they're a very real threat that mean curing common illnesses like pneumonia and urinary tract infections may soon not be as simple as a quick trip to the doctor and prescription for an antibiotic.
Word count: 304
(NC) When you're behind the wheel on a daily basis, tires form a crucial part of your safety equation, particularly when cold weather and precipitation team up to deliver unpredictable winter conditions. As we lean into the colder season, here are some useful tips to ensure you're ready to hit the road.
Word count: 243
(NC) Whether it's driving to work, running errands or heading out for a weekend sports event that has you tackling treacherous winter roads, getting there can be an adventure. Here are three expert tips to help you perform regardless of the challenge:
Word count: 233
(NC) We rely on our tires to get us to our winter destinations safely, whether we're heading off to the ski hills with friends or taking the kids to hockey practice. That's why understanding the basics of seasonally specific tires can be of help.
Word count: 285
(NC) The most recent census data taught us that for the first time, older Canadians outnumber children in Canada. As we prepare for the aging of the population, it's important to practice healthy habits so we can all age well.
Word count: 218
(NC) Life is unpredictable! Between family, friends and work commitments, it can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Managing your health, however, shouldn't fall to the wayside, especially if you live with type 2 diabetes.
Word count: 262
(NC) As the weather cools down and we pull on the layers, many of us find it harder to fit physical activity into our lifestyle. Staying active even during hibernation season is important for everyone, especially if you have a health condition.
Word count: 324
(NC) Quality healthcare is one of the core foundations of our society, but not all kids have the chance to make snow angels or go sledding with their friends during winter. For parents of children who need advanced medical treatments, travel away from their hometown for healthcare from a specialized hospital may be an additional worry.
Word count: 275
(NC) It can be confusing trying to decide between multiple options at the store, as you want to get the best bang for your buck. But while it's tempting to opt for the generic rather than a pricier brand name, make sure you're getting great value and quality. But experts caution that some products are fine to buy generic or private label, while in other cases it's best to shell out for the brand name so you can save in the long run.
Word count: 329
(NC) With more drivers on the road driving older vehicles, your engine may need extra care. According to an annual survey from DesRosiers Automotive consultants, the average age for Canadian vehicles is almost 13 years old, yet many of us don't realize that as our vehicle gets older, it might require different products to protect the engine properly. If you've noticed that your odometer shows a lot of kilometres, use the tips below to help make sure your car is still driving in tip-top shape:
Word count: 325
(NC) As life gets busier, we can sometimes forget to do small everyday tasks that keep us safe — like those for our vehicles. As the temperatures drop, make sure you are using these three tips to help you get from point A to point B while surviving the extreme winter weather.
Word count: 264
(NC) Holiday shopping, late-night celebrations and family commitments can often make this a more stressful time. Unfortunately, lack of sleep and added stress can weaken your immune system, putting you at greater risk of colds and other illnesses, like pneumonia.
Word count: 339
(NC) Between kids being home for winter break, holiday stress and a stronger-than-normal cold and flu season predicted, preventing sickness is top of mind for most of us this right now. That's why it's important to know how germs spread and what you can do to stay healthy all winter long. For example, did you know there are vaccines that protect against pneumonia?
Word count: 339
(NC) With health experts suggesting that Canada will experience a stronger cold and flu season this year, it's a good idea to stay informed on health matters, like pneumonia. The condition involves the swelling of one or both lungs and is usually caused by an infection. Here are some things you need to know to help keep you and your family healthy this winter.
Word count: 387
(NC) When temperatures dip, our body adjusts by storing fat to keep warm and switching our brain into hibernation mode. But this can hamper our healthy goals and lower our energy. Fortunately, you can use these three tips to improve your winter metabolism and keep your energy levels going through the cold Canadian weather.
Word count: 340
(NC) During colder months, many of us can suffer from what's known as the winter blues. Symptoms can include crankiness, fatigue, low energy and anxiety, and are usually caused by the shorter days we experience in our winters. Feel healthier and happier so you can take advantage of what the winter wonderland has to offer with these three tips from the Canadian Health Food Association.
Word count: 377
(NC) Winter can be the most wonderful time of year. What's better than the crisp air, making snow angels and a warm cup of tea? For some of us, however, winter can also bring about the cold and flu, dry skin and a downturn in our health goals.
Word count: 355
(NC) With temperatures dropping and holiday school closures, many families decide to head to destinations where the sun, sand and beaches are aplenty. To fully enjoy your long-awaited vacation, make sure your family stays healthy.
Word count: 354
(NC) It can be easy to slip from our healthy routines during the winter months. But in this time of high stress and chilly weather, it's important to make sure we're getting the nutrients our body needs to stay in tip-top shape.
Word count: 311
(NC) Planning, preparing, shopping and over-scheduling can leave even the best of us feeling overwhelmed. But did you know that even seasonal stress can have serious implications on your health? It can suppress our entire immune system and increase cortisol levels, which makes us more susceptible to becoming sick.
Word count: 342
(NC) As a condo owner or renter, you may assume that you don't need household insurance because it's covered by the regular monthly condo fee. But although the condominium corporation must carry insurance on the building, it does not cover everything. Both owners and renters can avoid costly mishaps by taking the following steps:
Word count: 369
(NC) Don't let the hustle and bustle of the holidays lead to distraction and accidents. Whether you're hosting a holiday bake-off or an adults-only cocktail party, it's important to remember that safety comes first. To safeguard your home from potential fire hazards, follow these tips and protect your family and guests:
Word count: 390
(NC) Confidence in your skills and vehicle is important when it comes to winter driving. However, even the most experienced drivers can be thrown off by icy, snowy roads. Stay safe while driving with these tips: