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Health and Safety
Word count: 310
(NC) Nothing drains the soul like a long commute. In the summer, you have to watch a beautiful day roll past you from your seat, while in the winter you get to do the whole thing in darkness. Fortunately, you have more power to improve your travel than you think. New census data have some surprisingly useful information you can use to improve your commute.
Word count: 425
(NC) Each winter, thousands of Canadians pack their bags and migrate south in search of sun and white sandy beaches. Upon returning, many will bring back happy memories and perhaps some duty-free treats. Just follow these guidelines to make sure you don't bring home the Zika virus too.
Word count: 418
(NC) As we hit the dead of winter, many of us dream of escaping to somewhere sunny. Don't let that dream turn into a nightmare — protect yourself and your family from the Zika virus.
Word count: 382
(NC) As we trade in our toques and snow boots for swimsuits and sandals, it's a smart idea to take a few minutes to ensure a happy and healthy vacation. With that in mind, here are four tips to protect you and your family against the Zika virus:
Word count: 383
(NC) With families across Canada busy planning sunny holiday vacations to beat the winter blues, it's a good time to take some precautions for safe travels. Wherever you plan to visit, make sure you don't bring home any unwanted souvenirs, such as the Zika virus.
Word count: 402
(NC) Household chores and endless projects can seem like a thankless job, but regular home maintenance is important to ensure your home's safety, comfort and long-term durability. If your to-do list is ever growing, there's no need to feel overwhelmed. Focus on this list of must-tackle jobs to not only improve your home, but your daily living, as well.
Word count: 373
(NC) Eating well can be daunting, but one of the best ways to cook healthier meals is to tweak your grocery list a little. Just a few small changes over the course of a couple weeks can add up to some big improvements in your overall diet.
Word count: 196
(NC) Each year, roughly 130,000 Canadians — including about 16,000 people in British Columbia — experience the debilitating effects of shingles.
Word count: 276
(NC) A growing number of people in British Columbia are finding themselves in the “sandwich generation,” looking after their children while also caring for aging parents.
Word count: 369
(NC) If you're over age 50, you're at an increased risk for shingles. The condition affects approximately 130,000 Canadians each year, including about 16,000 British Columbians.
Word count: 241
(NC) With the new year just beginning and winter cold and flu season well under way, many people will remind you of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. And while we often think of the personal benefits of doing so, we seldom consider the impact our health has on others' lives.
Word count: 302
(NC) Making a will is a sensible and worthwhile task that everybody, whatever their age or financial status should do. However, there are five special reasons why women need to make a will of their own.