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Word count: 180
(NC) Genetically modified foods — also known as GMOs — are blamed for many things, including an increase in the development of allergies. But that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, GMOs like a gluten free wheat or a hypoallergenic peanut could make some foods safer for people with allergies.
Word count: 227
(NC) The country's latest census reveals that for the first time, Canada has more seniors than children. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, the increase in the share of seniors in the 2016 census compared to five years earlier is the largest seen since 1871, a clear indicator that the national population is aging rapidly.
Word count: 206
(NC) There's a perception among some consumers that foods with genetically modified ingredients are a nonstarter and that GMOs should be eliminated.
Word count: 250
(NC) Canadians love Florida citrus — a healthy eating choice, it brings a welcome blast of southern sun into our long, cold winters. However, citrus greening disease is threatening to wipe out every Florida orange grove in the next decade.
Word count: 221
(NC) Bananas are a school lunch and snack favourite for many families, and are widely considered part of a healthy diet.
Word count: 368
(NC) Canadian food products are increasingly decked out in a multitude of food labels about everything from allergens and fat to genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. It's all meant to help consumers make healthy eating choices, but too much information can be overwhelming — especially about a topic like GMOs, where there are a lot of questions.
Word count: 326
(NC) Feeding your family healthy food year-round can be a challenge. On top of being crunched for time, facing allergies and dietary limitations, and dealing with picky eaters, you also need to worry about the affordability of healthy eating.
Word count: 175
(NC) It takes years of tests and meticulous records to bring a new pesticide to market. Proving a product is safe to humans, animals and the environment is paramount.
Word count: 237
(NC) Pesticides are painstakingly researched, tested and regulated. They undergo hundreds of tests, years of evaluation and millions of dollars in investment before reaching the market.
Word count: 187
(NC) Urban pesticides play a significant role in protecting private and public green spaces from insect, weed and disease infestations and controlling threats to human health.
Word count: 160
(NC) Public parks and private yards help make cities beautiful, encourage biodiversity and contribute to happy, healthy communities. Well-cared for green spaces in urban centres reduce vandalism, increase property value and boost physical and mental health.
Word count: 189
(NC) Modern plant breeding describes the methods used to improve plants, which help plant breeders introduce beneficial genes, modify existing ones and remove detrimental genes with a range of very precise tools.
Word count: 213
(NC) Modern plant breeding is a term to describe the methods used to improve plants. These innovations help plant breeders introduce beneficial genes, modify existing genes and remove detrimental ones with a range of very precise tools.
Word count: 152
(NC) We have access to one of the most abundant, safe and affordable food supplies in the world, thanks in part to pesticides used to protect crops.
Word count: 90
(NC) Modern agriculture uses tools such as pesticides to protect crops from insects, weeds and disease. These tools are extensively evaluated for safety and effectiveness.
Word count: 162
(NC) It can be confusing to read signs and labels at the grocery store. From “organic” to “natural” to “GMO-free,” there is so much information about food available.
Word count: 173
(NC) Farmer Brett Schuyler loves the responsibility of farming and growing food.