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Word count: 281
(NC) Getting into a new or previously enjoyed vehicle can be an overwhelming task. Among the many considerations, one of the most important will be how to actually pay for your new purchase.
Word count: 123
(NC) When tidying up your home for the warmer weather, don't forget to look in your garage. Keeping your vehicle clean isn't just about appearances, it should be included in your vehicle's ongoing maintenance regimen to help protect your investment.
Word count: 327
(NC) Many drivers assume that since premium fuel costs more and has higher octane, then it must be more refined or better for their engine. Conversely, it can be tempting to save at the pumps by opting for a regular unleaded gasoline rather than topping up with the expensive stuff.
Word count: 277
(NC) Purchasing a vehicle is an important decision. There are many questions to consider in the process. One of the key ones is whether to buy new or used.