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Breathe easier this fall

(NC) As we fall back into our regular routines, we don't always realize the impact the weather has on our health. For most, feeling the crisp fall air while walking and enjoying the changing colours is a welcome and enjoyable activity, so many of us are looking forward to an active outdoor season.

However, others may notice a shift in their ability to breathe as easily. Some people may not notice if they are becoming short of breath until doing simple daily tasks and having difficulty breathing. This could be something as routine as cleaning your home or walking to the corner store. Changes in your ability to breathe well, or a slow decline over time, may be more noticeable for those with a serious lung disease like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD.

COPD includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema and affects over 750,000 Canadians. If you are living with COPD and have a history of one or more disease flares each year, it means your COPD could be better managed. 

Difficulty in breathing can be a result of worsening symptoms or new persistent ones. If the symptoms are serious enough, hospitalization may be required. Talk to your doctor about your difficulty in breathing. There are treatment options available that may help you manage your COPD.

Living with COPD doesn't mean you are limited to a life of not getting out and about. Don't let fear of a disease flare prevent you from enjoying a walk through the park, a corn maze with your grandkids, or apple picking with your family. Speak with your doctor about better management options.

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