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Environment and Nature
Word count: 281
(NC) Repairing your garden after an extreme winter can take some time and effort. But consistency is key to keeping your blooms fresh and full year after year. Mark Beaty, live goods merchant at The Home Depot Canada, shares tips on how to prepare your garden and help your perennials thrive.
Word count: 256
(NC) Planning to spruce up your property? Taking the time to landscape well will not only make your home a pleasant place to live in while adding curb appeal — it will also help you use your electricity wisely. Here are some tips from Hydro One:
Word count: 76
(NC) How much more of some of your favourite local foods can Canadian farmers grow thanks to science? More than you think.
Word count: 315
(NC) A Saskatchewan farm is crediting modern plant science with making it more environmentally friendly and sustainable today than at any point in its more than 100-year history.
Word count: 235
(NC) Pesticides and crop biotechnology — also known as GMOs or genetically modified organisms — are being credited with preserving 35 million acres of Canadian wildlife habitat. These modern agricultural tools, perceived by many to be bad for people and the planet, are helping stave off a Canadian wildlife disaster.
Word count: 291
(NC) New crop technologies, modern farm equipment and better farming practices have made a world of difference in long-term soil health. It's an untold Canadian success story that bodes well for the future of the environment and global food security.
Word count: 299
(NC) If farmers didn't use pesticides, the world would be without rainforests within a decade. That's according to a leading Canadian potato grower, who says modern crop protection helps farmers produce more food without bringing more land into production.