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Families and Children
Word count: 326
(NC) With a new school year in full swing, it's a good idea for parents to stay vigilant against online problems kids can face. Cyberbullying is one concern many parents have, and with good reason — it's becoming a more common and threatening event.
Word count: 307
(NC) These days, your children spend more time on social media than ever. As a parent, that makes it difficult to know what they're up to. If your child is being cyberbullied, you may not even know it. Here are three ways to help if they are being victimized.
Word count: 281
(NC) Did you know that 20 per cent of Canadian teens have experienced cyberbullying directly, while many more have witnessed it? While your children may never become cyberbullies or victims, they will most likely witness this type of behaviour and remaining silent or joining in can make matters worse. These tips can help guide their actions in these situations.