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Health and Safety
Word count: 346
(NC) The growing popularity of fitness trackers, wearables and internet-enabled devices means you can automatically share your running stats from that 5K sprint on social media and adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone. But these convenient new technologies can provide an easily accessible way for attackers to intercept your personal data.
Word count: 357
(NC) In today's digital world, scoring tickets to the hottest show is all about navigating access times on the internet, not camping out in an overnight line-up with other diehard fans. Whether you're searching for tickets to your favourite band or a local tourist attraction, these tips will help ensure that your privacy and hard-earned dollars stay safe. Many also apply when buying other things online too, like clothes, used goods and other items.
Word count: 382
(NC) Being a parent is a tough job, one that only gets more complicated when your kids start to go online and use smart devices. And with children as young as toddlers hopping onto their mom or dad's tablets, the earlier you start the conversation about using the internet responsibly, the better. Use these tips to prepare for when your child is a toddler or a teenager and every age in between.
Word count: 392
(NC) We all use a variety of internet-connected devices every day, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, fitness trackers and thermostats. But when was the last time you thought about how secure your personal information is on these items? Here are some easy tips for you and the whole family.
Word count: 264
(NC) Our interconnected, always-on lifestyle has plenty of benefits, but one of the occasional downsides is having to juggle a number of devices for both work and play. You can help maintain good work-life balance by making sure that whether personal or professional, your laptops, tablets and smartphones keep your sensitive information secure. Protect your photos, calendars, social data and even money with these five easy steps.
Word count: 427
(NC) Stay productive with a neat and tidy work area that eliminates distractions, saves you time and motivates you for success. Here are some tips to get started.
Word count: 184
(NC) Do you find that the changing seasons bring less energy and more moodiness for you? The winter blues can affect anyone, but these symptoms may even mean you have seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that is related to the change in seasons.
Word count: 263
(NC) We've all faced shortness of breath, like when climbing a flight of stairs or lifting a heavy box. After a few moments, we catch our breath and move on with our day, forgetting those brief moments. But what would life be like if breathlessness didn't stop?
Word count: 268
(NC) As we fall back into our regular routines, we don't always realize the impact the weather has on our health. For most, feeling the crisp fall air while walking and enjoying the changing colours is a welcome and enjoyable activity, so many of us are looking forward to an active outdoor season.
Word count: 317
(NC) Poor indoor air quality in residential spaces can be a problem. While you cannot control the allergens and pollutants lurking outside, there are many ways to take action to improve your indoor air quality.
Word count: 449
(NC) The best time to improve the fire safety of your home is during its construction or when renovating. I'm a big believer in building fire protection directly into the structure of a home. After all, active fire measures, such as smoke detectors, combined with built-in or passive fire safety measures can significantly increase protection for your home, family and possessions.
Word count: 394
(NC) When it comes to building or renovating, in addition to greater efficiency and performance, there's an important opportunity to make our homes safer places to live. Although billions are spent on renovations in Canada each year, few realize that what's in their home––or maybe what's not in it––can increase their risk in a residential fire event.
Word count: 175
(NC) It takes years of tests and meticulous records to bring a new pesticide to market. Proving a product is safe to humans, animals and the environment is paramount.
Word count: 237
(NC) Pesticides are painstakingly researched, tested and regulated. They undergo hundreds of tests, years of evaluation and millions of dollars in investment before reaching the market.
Word count: 152
(NC) We have access to one of the most abundant, safe and affordable food supplies in the world, thanks in part to pesticides used to protect crops.
Word count: 90
(NC) Modern agriculture uses tools such as pesticides to protect crops from insects, weeds and disease. These tools are extensively evaluated for safety and effectiveness.
Word count: 162
(NC) It can be confusing to read signs and labels at the grocery store. From “organic” to “natural” to “GMO-free,” there is so much information about food available.
Word count: 309
(NC) A diagnosis of heart failure can be devastating, especially for those without a support network. But it turns out dancing — whether it is ballroom, tap or line dance — might be a key to living better and longer.
Word Count: 280
(NC) Did you know that heart failure is a growing epidemic in Canada? One in five of us will develop the condition during our lifetime, but you can easily make some tweaks to your everyday lifestyle to improve your heart health now.
Word count: 319
(NC) With heart failure on the rise, it's important not to confuse it with other heart conditions.
Word count: 326
(NC) With a new school year in full swing, it's a good idea for parents to stay vigilant against online problems kids can face. Cyberbullying is one concern many parents have, and with good reason — it's becoming a more common and threatening event.
Word count: 307
(NC) These days, your children spend more time on social media than ever. As a parent, that makes it difficult to know what they're up to. If your child is being cyberbullied, you may not even know it. Here are three ways to help if they are being victimized.
Word count: 281
(NC) Did you know that 20 per cent of Canadian teens have experienced cyberbullying directly, while many more have witnessed it? While your children may never become cyberbullies or victims, they will most likely witness this type of behaviour and remaining silent or joining in can make matters worse. These tips can help guide their actions in these situations.
Word count: 249
(NC) Today, there are teams of healthcare professionals looking after your health and personal well-being. Each professional serves a unique function. While they have distinct skills, the regulatory colleges that oversee them are in place to protect the public interest.
Word count: 254
(NC) What ensures that you receive quality health services? The availability of healthcare services, the accessibility of professionals and their skills all matter. Then there's the important public protection work of Ontario's 26 health regulatory colleges.
Word count: 285
(NC) If you're getting treatment from a health practitioner like a chiropractor, midwife or optometrist, it's a good idea to find out as much information as you can about them. It's simple to view your healthcare professional's record by checking with their regulatory college.
Word Count: 144
(NC) Saving energy doesn't have to be hard, and can go a long way towards making sure you meet your family's monthly budget. Here are five simple tips from Hydro One to help keep your electricity costs low:
Word Count: 162
(NC) If you're planning a home reno this fall, remember that a building permit doesn't always allow you to perform electrical work. Electrical fires are actually the number one cause of house fires in Canada, so before you tinker with your home's wiring take some steps to protect you and your family.
Word Count: 226
(NC) Did you know that phantom power lurking in your home could account for up to 10 per cent of your home's energy use? Also known as standby power, phantom power is energy consumption that is being drawn by many household gadgets, electronic devices and appliances while they are switched off but plugged in.
Word Count: 290
(NC) Cottage season is coming to an end, but there are a few things you can do when closing up your cottage this fall to avoid animal infestations and make it easier to open next year. Here's a handy checklist:
Word count: 245
(NC) From organic fair-trade coffee to fitness trackers and vegan restaurants, signs of the clean living movement are popping up in neighbourhoods across Canada. More than a fad, it's a lifestyle transformation that's all about leading healthier and more sustainable lives. Here are some tips to try the trend.
Word count: 288
(NC) We all like to think our kids make smart, safe decisions every time. But everyone makes mistakes, sometimes through poor judgment or misinformation. For example, 24 percent of young adults believe it's safe to drive a vehicle only a couple of hours or less after using marijuana. Another 26 percent even believe that a driver is either the same or better on the road when under the influence of marijuana.
Word count: 218
(NC) New research shows some dangerous beliefs that we have about driving and marijuana — and it's especially worrying for young people and parents. Most concerning is that 26 percent of young adults believe a driver is either the same or better on the road when under the influence of cannabis. Some people across all generations believe it's safer to drive a vehicle after using cannabis than alcohol.
Word count: 338
(NC) With the federal government intending to legalize cannabis in Canada soon, many parents are wondering what this means for kids, especially for their teens. If you're worried about the coming changes or simply want to start a conversation with your child about marijuana, here are five facts to know and share.
Word count: 284
(NC) Across the country, cannabis legalization and regulation has quickly become a trending topic, with many wondering what it means for their families, communities and neighbourhood roads. Here's a primer that can help give you peace of mind.
Word count: 445
(NC) Some conversations can be tricky for parents, but probably the most important one you need to sum up the courage for is about drug-impaired driving. Young people continue to be the largest group of drivers who die in crashes and later test positive for alcohol or drugs, yet according to Health Canada, only 11 per cent of parents surveyed said they had discussed the risks of driving under the influence of a drug with their teenagers. This number drops to 4 percent when teens themselves were asked if their parents have spoken to them about drugs and driving.
Word count: 386
(NC) Mornings are tough. In fact, a new poll by Purdue Pharma (Canada) found that many Canadians, particularly younger respondents (39 per cent), have difficulty sticking to a daily morning routine, including eating a healthy breakfast and being on time. Nailing those morning routines can be even more difficult for the one-in-20 school-aged children and four per cent of adults diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Word count: 340
(NC) Many people are settling into school routines, jobs and internships this time of year, but managing a busy schedule can be particularly challenging for the one-in-20 school-aged children and four per cent of adults diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Furthermore, recent data suggests that stigma and confusion still persist around ADHD: a new poll by Purdue Pharma (Canada) showing that close to one third of Canadians surveyed mistakenly identified ADHD as a mental health condition.“ADHD is actually a neurodevelopmental disorder that has been clinically observed for more than 100 years,” says Dr. Annick Vincent, a psychiatrist and ADHD specialist. “It's a chronic condition characterized as a deficit of the nervous system resulting in inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and often emotional hyper-reactivity. Science has shown that genetic and biologic factors can be involved in the development of this disorder.”
Word count: 387
(NC) The transition from high school to post-secondary education is a significant adjustment for many. With fewer daily reminders to complete homework, eat lunch and exercise – plus increased freedom and responsibility – it can be more difficult to stay focused.
Word count: 227
(NC) Although natural gas is extremely safe and reliable, gas leaks can occur inside or outside your home. Knowing how to detect them can keep you and your family safe.
Word count: 299
(NC) When cold weather starts to move in, rodents and other overwintering pests will be looking for a cozy place to call home. While you may not be using your cottage until spring, you certainly don't want to leave it accessible to little creatures.
Word count: 322
(NC) Many pests are seasonal, with mosquitoes peaking in the summer and rodents seeking refuge in the winter. Fall is no exception to this trend, with many pests looking for shelter indoors as temperatures begin to drop.
Word count: 324
(NC) Canada has witnessed a surge in bed bugs in recent years. Originally perceived as a threat only to travellers and urban dwellers, these parasites are affecting many across the country.