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Home and Garden
Word count: 310
(NC) Many people know about the risk of illness when consuming raw dough or batter that uses raw eggs. Did you know that consuming raw flour can also be risky? Flour can be contaminated with harmful bacteria such as E. coli and should only be consumed once cooked.
Word count: 302
(NC) Updating your home can make the space more livable and beautiful. But giving your home a refresh can also boost your property value. Here are some ideas to consider for your next improvement project, big or small.
Word count: 297
(NC) A new season is here, and that means it's time to give your living spaces an update. Refresh your home with a few strategic elements that can take you from winter to wow.
Word count: 266
(NC) As homes become smaller and we adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, interior décor is offering fresh solutions to furnish tighter spots. Here are some big ideas to maximize your mini space.
Word count: 313
(NC) With summer around the corner, it's time to start preparing your home for outdoor entertaining and long days of sunshine. This starts with the right window fashions, which can help you control light and transition between environments.
Word count: 255
(NC) Your home is a treasured place for living, relaxing and hosting guests. Give it new energy with these trending looks.
Word count: 308
(NC) The perfect window treatment should do more than just cover a window. It can make a big difference in your home, managing its daily illumination, privacy and energy management needs and adding value and style to any room.
Word count: 312
(NC) Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience, so you want to make sure you find the right agent who is on your side to make the process smoother.
Word count: 319
(NC) Spring is a popular time for listing homes.. Use these tips from the Real Estate Council of Ontario to get started.
Word count: 275
(NC) If you're thinking about buying a home this year, there are some simple things you can do to make the process easier and safer. Check out these tips from the Real Estate Council of Ontario, which looks out for buyers and sellers.
Word count: 279
(NC) Buying a new laundry pair can feel overwhelming — a trip to your local big box store can feel like an onslaught of features and benefits. How can you cut through the clutter to find a washer and dryer that will truly make your life easier? Take a few tips from Mike Holmes, Canada's most trusted contractor and handyman. For him, it's all about three key decisions:
Word count: 330
(NC) An organized and well-designed laundry room can make everyday chores quicker and easier. Refreshing this space is a great project for spring. As Canada's most trusted contractor and handyman, Mike Holmes has seen it all — from faulty venting to amateur plumbing to flooring gone wrong. Here he shares his expertise so you can avoid laundry room letdown.
Word count: 291
(NC) A recent study found that we spend three years on average of our life preparing meals. Not to mention time spent putting away groceries, cleaning, and just grabbing a cup of tea. It's no wonder so many of us get the itch to change up the look of our kitchen spaces.
Word count: 319
(NC) Everyone looks for ways to save money on their energy bills. Fortunately, with the rise of smart home technology and eco-friendly products, going green has never been easier. Naomi Resnick, manager of environmental sustainability at The Home Depot Canada, offers a few helpful tips to get started.
Word count: 281
(NC) Repairing your garden after an extreme winter can take some time and effort. But consistency is key to keeping your blooms fresh and full year after year. Mark Beaty, live goods merchant at The Home Depot Canada, shares tips on how to prepare your garden and help your perennials thrive.
Word count: 248
(NC) A sound roof protects your home and family, but after a particularly rough winter it is vulnerable to wear and tear. Jack Rende, senior merchant for building materials at the Home Depot Canada shares three steps to a roof that stops leaks and increases curb appeal.
Word count: 232
(NC) The snow has melted, the sun is shining, brunch is taking place outside again and you and your pup can finally go for walks without worrying about the chill. Celebrate the season with these three trending themes.
Word count: 281
(NC) Getting into a new or previously enjoyed vehicle can be an overwhelming task. Among the many considerations, one of the most important will be how to actually pay for your new purchase.
Word count: 123
(NC) When tidying up your home for the warmer weather, don't forget to look in your garage. Keeping your vehicle clean isn't just about appearances, it should be included in your vehicle's ongoing maintenance regimen to help protect your investment.
Word count: 226
(NC) The spring season is one of the best times to begin planting trees. But remember to be mindful of potential hazards in your path. Here are some tips from Hydro One on how to remain safe among trees and power lines:
Word count: 212
(NC) The season for new beginnings has more benefits than the emerging greenery. Here are some tips from Hydro One on how to spring forward into saving energy during longer days:
Word count: 256
(NC) Planning to spruce up your property? Taking the time to landscape well will not only make your home a pleasant place to live in while adding curb appeal — it will also help you use your electricity wisely. Here are some tips from Hydro One:
Word count: 214
(NC) Spring marks the unofficial start of digging season. If you are thinking of putting in a new garden, be aware of potential hazards before you pick up a shovel. Here are some key safety steps to take:
Word count: 282
(NC) Spring is in the air, which means it's time to get your home revitalized and ready for the new season. From colour to décor, Canadian interior designer and home décor pro Brian Gluckstein shares a few of his favourites for spring.
Word count: 339
(NC) Looking to update your home for the season but don't have time or budget for a major renovation? Do it right with these three easy DIY paint projects that can each be done in just a day.
Word count: 399
(NC) Each year we are presented with new and innovative trends in design and home décor. But many of us often wonder how to translate these daring styles into our own homes for livability.
Word count: 401
(NC) If your home needs a refresh, consider opting for the services of a licensed and qualified contractor for projects that are beyond your DIY skills. Use these tips to select the right one:
Word count: 211
(NC) Unless you have technical qualifications and a lot of experience, there are some projects and types of work that you are better off leaving to the pros. These are the ones that involve safety risks for you and your family, and it is better to let a professional to do the work.
Word count: 291
(NC) There's more to getting new flooring than just choosing tiles you like and having them installed. Make these tile secrets part of your project and you'll get better, more beautiful and longer-lasting results.