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Home and Garden
Word count: 188
(NC) Planning a DIY renovation project? Here are some questions to ask yourself first.
Word count: 268
(NC) As Canadians, we rely on heating systems more than most nations in the world. But our need doesn't necessarily translate into knowledge. If you're unhappy with the comfort or cost of keeping your home warm in winter, here are some things to consider.
Word count: 268
(NC) Just because every home has a kitchen doesn't mean every contractor is capable of delivering a great kitchen reno. Kitchen work is specialized, so you need to be sure the contractor you choose has the skills to make it a success.
Word count: 245
(NC) If you think spring is the only time to take cleaning seriously, think again. After your home and central living areas receive a beating from a long summer of humidity, barbecues, sandy bathing suits, grass stains, muddy pets and dirty sports equipment, autumn is the perfect time to create a clean environment. Help your family flourish in a fresh home as the leaves begin to fall with these tips:
Word count: 295
(NC) Creating a home environment where your family can flourish is a central goal for all of us. Using innovative tools that provide protection and create a clean space can help ensure a vibrant home and family life.
Word count: 317
(NC) Poor indoor air quality in residential spaces can be a problem. While you cannot control the allergens and pollutants lurking outside, there are many ways to take action to improve your indoor air quality.
Word count: 449
(NC) The best time to improve the fire safety of your home is during its construction or when renovating. I'm a big believer in building fire protection directly into the structure of a home. After all, active fire measures, such as smoke detectors, combined with built-in or passive fire safety measures can significantly increase protection for your home, family and possessions.
Word count: 394
(NC) When it comes to building or renovating, in addition to greater efficiency and performance, there's an important opportunity to make our homes safer places to live. Although billions are spent on renovations in Canada each year, few realize that what's in their home––or maybe what's not in it––can increase their risk in a residential fire event.
Word count: 433
(NC) We're fortunate in Canada to be protected by strong building codes that ensure our homes are safe and efficient. Building codes set out what we need to achieve and standards that need to be met, but typically, the choice of building materials remains at the discretion of the homeowner or contractor. That's where potential lies to either get things right or to make costly mistakes. That's because not all building materials are created equal. And one of the riskiest places to cut corners is with what's behind your walls.
Word count: 321
(NC) It goes without saying that most of us would appreciate a little more money in our pockets. Believe it or not, it's actually an achievable goal. In fact, a few simple tips can help you uncover meaningful savings each and every month. Need some ideas? Here's a little inspiration to get you started:
Word count: 298
(NC) If your older home holds more chill than charm, it could be that it's time to consider a few energy efficiency upgrades. Many are simple and cost-effective, but can make a considerable impact on your monthly energy bills. The savings from upgrades typically start right away and can really add up over time.
Word count: 274
(NC) When remodelling a kitchen, it can be challenging to navigate the endless kitchen options and to visualize how to pull them together to create a cohesive look. To provide you inspiration and insight, Natalia David, trend and design manager for The Home Depot Canada, shares her kitchen trend report for the season.
Word count: 292
(NC) What if you could remodel your kitchen without the headache of a major renovation and, depending on your scope and selection, for a fraction of the cost? Rose DiFonzo, kitchen and bath installation expert at The Home Depot, suggests a simple way to make your dream a reality.
Word count: 388
(NC) When replacing your countertop, you need to consider both your individual style and your budget before choosing a surface. To help you with your project, Rose DiFonzo, kitchen and installs expert at The Home Depot shares a few helpful insights.
Word count: 405
(NC) New smart home innovations are changing the way we interact with virtually every aspect of our houses, condos and apartments, helping save time, money and energy. Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her thoughts on smart home products and services that offer the best bang for your buck.
Word count: 405
(NC) Technological innovation is spilling out of the smartphone and into the home. But what is worth the investment? Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her picks for the top five kitchen tech innovations worth checking out this season.
Word count: 355
(NC) At the heart of every home is the kitchen — a space for cooking, eating, congregating, sharing and kicking back. But keeping your kitchen looking its best can be complicated, as large-scale renovations are expensive and disruptive. But a few simple updates can have a major impact. Here are some tricks and trends for updating this popular room.
Word Count: 144
(NC) Saving energy doesn't have to be hard, and can go a long way towards making sure you meet your family's monthly budget. Here are five simple tips from Hydro One to help keep your electricity costs low:
Word Count: 162
(NC) If you're planning a home reno this fall, remember that a building permit doesn't always allow you to perform electrical work. Electrical fires are actually the number one cause of house fires in Canada, so before you tinker with your home's wiring take some steps to protect you and your family.
Word Count: 226
(NC) Did you know that phantom power lurking in your home could account for up to 10 per cent of your home's energy use? Also known as standby power, phantom power is energy consumption that is being drawn by many household gadgets, electronic devices and appliances while they are switched off but plugged in.
Word Count: 290
(NC) Cottage season is coming to an end, but there are a few things you can do when closing up your cottage this fall to avoid animal infestations and make it easier to open next year. Here's a handy checklist:
Word count: 162
(NC) Even if being an organized perfectionist doesn't come naturally to you, big changes often come from small adjustments. Try out the following habits to help you organize your life at work and home.
Word count: 279
(NC) Each year, we declutter our lives through a crusade called spring cleaning. It marks the transition from wearing our winter garb to our summer digs, but no such milestone is allotted to the seasonal transition during fall.
Word count: 303
(NC) As the colder months approach, you'll be looking for ways to keep your home warm. This is a great opportunity to look at ways to save on energy costs this fall and winter. Here are some ways to stay warm while improving your energy efficiency:
Word count: 199
(NC) Your garden has flourished beautifully throughout the spring and summer. Now it's time to prepare for the autumn leaves and winter chill. Good fall garden prep is one sure way to ensure that your greenery returns beautiful and bountiful in the spring.
Word count: 227
(NC) Although natural gas is extremely safe and reliable, gas leaks can occur inside or outside your home. Knowing how to detect them can keep you and your family safe.
Word count: 299
(NC) When cold weather starts to move in, rodents and other overwintering pests will be looking for a cozy place to call home. While you may not be using your cottage until spring, you certainly don't want to leave it accessible to little creatures.
Word count: 322
(NC) Many pests are seasonal, with mosquitoes peaking in the summer and rodents seeking refuge in the winter. Fall is no exception to this trend, with many pests looking for shelter indoors as temperatures begin to drop.
Word count: 324
(NC) Canada has witnessed a surge in bed bugs in recent years. Originally perceived as a threat only to travellers and urban dwellers, these parasites are affecting many across the country.
Word count: 306
(NC) This autumn, try hearty meals that don't require a full day prepping so you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful colours and warm temperatures. Perfect for those on the go, slow cooker dishes are a great time saver.
Word count: 408
(NC) Fall is the perfect time to pick up some new habits to improve your life before the holiday rush. Here are some tips to make a positive change:
Word count: 318
(NC) Farmers' markets are a popular destination for shoppers looking to eat healthy, locally sourced food. Sometimes, however, the lure of the bounty is greater than the time and effort needed to actually prepare what's been purchased.