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Human Rights
Word count: 349
(NC) How much should a Canadian charity be spending on fundraising and overhead? How should you judge? If you've ever looked at a charity's financial report and wondered whether they were spending too much or too little, you're not alone.
Word count: 218
(NC) Even though looking for work can be time-consuming, consider volunteering to help with your job hunt. It's a great way to gain skills and experience for the job market.
Word count: 264
(NC) Many of us are increasingly dismayed by the erosion of democracy. Sometimes, we don't realize what has happened until it's too late and that's a little like closing the barn door after the cows have escaped.
Word count: 241
(NC) Drivers are increasingly switching over to battery-powered cars, which is a great step in the battle against climate change. But at what cost? Consumers of these vehicles should ask the manufacturers for details on how “clean” their batteries really are.
Word count: 233
(NC) Did you know that many of us mistakenly believe that having a will is not a priority? Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a will is probably the most important document you will ever write.
Word count: 232
(NC) If you tend to fret late in the year trying to support your chosen charities before the charitable tax receipt deadline rolls around, know that there are many reasons to consider becoming a monthly donor.
Word count: 192
(NC) October is a time to recall the voices and contributions of women who have been forgotten in the history books. It is a month to learn, support and celebrate. If you are looking for ways to commemorate this special month, check out this list:
Word count: 226
(NC) Women are still underrepresented in science and technology in most countries across the globe. Nonetheless, there are women who persist and become pioneers in their chosen field. This year, in honour of National Science and Tech Week, you can celebrate women around the world who break barriers in STEM fields.
Word count: 242
(NC) There are more ways to enjoy Thanksgiving than eating lots of turkey, pumpkin and mashed potatoes. The fall holiday marks out a time to remember what we are grateful for in our lives. If you want to do more this year to show how you are thankful, consider helping a charitable cause. It's a great way to give back. You can learn more about important causes and make it a family event.