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Word count: 257
(NC) Canada is famous for its cold winters, and perhaps equally as famous for its snowbirds seeking warmer temperatures during those chilly months. In fact, a recent TD Insurance survey found that almost one third of those aged 51 and over are planning to travel outside the country for an extended period this winter. Here are some tips to help you travel smartly and safely this snowbird season.
Word count: 285
(NC) Considering flying south for the winter? Before you wing your way towards warmer temperatures, here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Word count: 365
(NC) If you're over 55 and planning an extended trip down south, there are a few things you should know about extended stay travel insurance. In a recent TD Insurance survey of snowbirds who are planning to travel, almost one in four respondents aged 51-69 said they aren't expecting to purchase extended stay travel insurance. And, 31 per cent of those suggested travel medical insurance is too expensive - all of which can add up to a risky financial situation.
Word count: 188
(NC) Planning a DIY renovation project? Here are some questions to ask yourself first.
Word count: 268
(NC) As Canadians, we rely on heating systems more than most nations in the world. But our need doesn't necessarily translate into knowledge. If you're unhappy with the comfort or cost of keeping your home warm in winter, here are some things to consider.
Word count: 268
(NC) Just because every home has a kitchen doesn't mean every contractor is capable of delivering a great kitchen reno. Kitchen work is specialized, so you need to be sure the contractor you choose has the skills to make it a success.
Word count: 349
(NC) How much should a Canadian charity be spending on fundraising and overhead? How should you judge? If you've ever looked at a charity's financial report and wondered whether they were spending too much or too little, you're not alone.
Word count: 218
(NC) Even though looking for work can be time-consuming, consider volunteering to help with your job hunt. It's a great way to gain skills and experience for the job market.
Word count: 264
(NC) Many of us are increasingly dismayed by the erosion of democracy. Sometimes, we don't realize what has happened until it's too late and that's a little like closing the barn door after the cows have escaped.
Word count: 233
(NC) Did you know that many of us mistakenly believe that having a will is not a priority? Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, a will is probably the most important document you will ever write.
Word count: 232
(NC) If you tend to fret late in the year trying to support your chosen charities before the charitable tax receipt deadline rolls around, know that there are many reasons to consider becoming a monthly donor.
Word count: 346
(NC) The growing popularity of fitness trackers, wearables and internet-enabled devices means you can automatically share your running stats from that 5K sprint on social media and adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone. But these convenient new technologies can provide an easily accessible way for attackers to intercept your personal data.
Word count: 357
(NC) In today's digital world, scoring tickets to the hottest show is all about navigating access times on the internet, not camping out in an overnight line-up with other diehard fans. Whether you're searching for tickets to your favourite band or a local tourist attraction, these tips will help ensure that your privacy and hard-earned dollars stay safe. Many also apply when buying other things online too, like clothes, used goods and other items.
Word count: 382
(NC) Being a parent is a tough job, one that only gets more complicated when your kids start to go online and use smart devices. And with children as young as toddlers hopping onto their mom or dad's tablets, the earlier you start the conversation about using the internet responsibly, the better. Use these tips to prepare for when your child is a toddler or a teenager and every age in between.
Word count: 392
(NC) We all use a variety of internet-connected devices every day, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, fitness trackers and thermostats. But when was the last time you thought about how secure your personal information is on these items? Here are some easy tips for you and the whole family.
Word count: 264
(NC) Our interconnected, always-on lifestyle has plenty of benefits, but one of the occasional downsides is having to juggle a number of devices for both work and play. You can help maintain good work-life balance by making sure that whether personal or professional, your laptops, tablets and smartphones keep your sensitive information secure. Protect your photos, calendars, social data and even money with these five easy steps.
Word count: 427
(NC) Stay productive with a neat and tidy work area that eliminates distractions, saves you time and motivates you for success. Here are some tips to get started.
Word count: 156
(NC) Wondering where to go for your upcoming holidays? With more people choosing to stay in Canada lately, an escape to our coastal provinces is a popular idea. From historic spa resorts to glacier-fed rivers, British Columbia's hot springs are as varied as the landscapes they spring from.
Word count: 184
(NC) Do you find that the changing seasons bring less energy and more moodiness for you? The winter blues can affect anyone, but these symptoms may even mean you have seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that is related to the change in seasons.
Word count: 234
(NC) Although it may seem like the winter months are far away, now is the perfect time to get a head start planning your next holiday. While a lot of people like to head south during the cooler months, there are lots of good reasons to explore our national backyard instead.
Word count: 230
(NC) Planning a trip in the autumn months often means less crowds, better deals and more comfortable weather. For some, it really is the best time of the year to travel. If you are thinking about planning an autumn holiday, here are some of the best activities to explore.
Word count: 346
(NC) In an always-on world, we increasingly want more choices, including the flexibility to use our favourite products and services on whatever device we're on — from our smartphones to tablets.
Word count: 356
(NC) Whether you commute to an office, run your own business, or occasionally work from home, today's tech solutions can help improve your work-life balance and smooth out your daily tasks.
Word count: 392
(NC) In today's digital age, you are likely storing data that includes sensitive, personal information. Whether you simply use the internet to shop online or run a small business, you're likely sharing or storing very valuable information and you may not even know it. This data can contain sensitive information that, if compromised, can have widespread implications. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you're properly protecting your data. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
Word count: 263
(NC) We've all faced shortness of breath, like when climbing a flight of stairs or lifting a heavy box. After a few moments, we catch our breath and move on with our day, forgetting those brief moments. But what would life be like if breathlessness didn't stop?
Word count: 268
(NC) As we fall back into our regular routines, we don't always realize the impact the weather has on our health. For most, feeling the crisp fall air while walking and enjoying the changing colours is a welcome and enjoyable activity, so many of us are looking forward to an active outdoor season.
Word count: 245
(NC) If you think spring is the only time to take cleaning seriously, think again. After your home and central living areas receive a beating from a long summer of humidity, barbecues, sandy bathing suits, grass stains, muddy pets and dirty sports equipment, autumn is the perfect time to create a clean environment. Help your family flourish in a fresh home as the leaves begin to fall with these tips:
Word count: 295
(NC) Creating a home environment where your family can flourish is a central goal for all of us. Using innovative tools that provide protection and create a clean space can help ensure a vibrant home and family life.
Word count: 274
(NC) It's no secret that millennials are a data hungry generation, but a recent survey from Fido highlights just how much they love their smartphones. Millennials are five times more reliant on their phone to maintain their sex life and almost three-quarters say they are reliant on their mobile phone for their social life in general.
Word count: 344
(NC) Today's young people are rivaling baby boomers as the largest population segment and are already the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce. As smartphone use and data consumption continues to rise, millennials are setting the new normal for the role that cellphones play in our lives.
Word count: 379
(NC) Data consumption across Canada continues to rise, with people using their mobile devices for everything from checking emails to streaming videos. In fact, a recent survey from Fido found that over half of millennials believe they would be lost without their smartphone and that they send twice as many instant messages compared to older generations.
Word count: 309
(NC) A diagnosis of heart failure can be devastating, especially for those without a support network. But it turns out dancing — whether it is ballroom, tap or line dance — might be a key to living better and longer.
Word count: 249
(NC) Neighbourhood stores and restaurants are at the heart of Canadian communities, providing you with the products and services you need all while keeping things personal, tailored and unique. As a consumer, you can support small businesses in your own community by choosing to shop locally this season. Here are three reasons why:
Word count: 338
(NC) Do you dream of starting your own business one day, but don't know where to begin? Making a living out of your passions can be more possible than you think, and lots of entrepreneurs have been able to create successful businesses out of theirs.
Word count: 274
(NC) When remodelling a kitchen, it can be challenging to navigate the endless kitchen options and to visualize how to pull them together to create a cohesive look. To provide you inspiration and insight, Natalia David, trend and design manager for The Home Depot Canada, shares her kitchen trend report for the season.
Word count: 292
(NC) What if you could remodel your kitchen without the headache of a major renovation and, depending on your scope and selection, for a fraction of the cost? Rose DiFonzo, kitchen and bath installation expert at The Home Depot, suggests a simple way to make your dream a reality.
Word count: 388
(NC) When replacing your countertop, you need to consider both your individual style and your budget before choosing a surface. To help you with your project, Rose DiFonzo, kitchen and installs expert at The Home Depot shares a few helpful insights.
Word count: 410
(NC) During fall and holiday entertaining, desserts often command the spotlight. For inspiration, use the beautiful, vibrant colours of autumn to inspire unique desserts.
Word count: 328
(NC) Simple yet elegant, great for both everyday and a holiday, stuffing can elevate meals to a new level. Today's home cooks and chefs alike build on basic stuffing ingredients — like grain or bread, onions, celery, herbs and broth — and create interest with a layer of flavour from fruits such as grapes.
Word count: 355
(NC) As temperatures cool down and days get shorter, there's nothing like a homemade treat for feeling warm and cozy. Throughout fall and early winter, fresh grapes from California are in season and make a pleasing addition to muffins and breads. Their luscious colours — red, green and black — add a wow factor that keeps family and friends coming back for more. To use fresh grapes in baking, consider the following:
Word count: 405
(NC) New smart home innovations are changing the way we interact with virtually every aspect of our houses, condos and apartments, helping save time, money and energy. Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her thoughts on smart home products and services that offer the best bang for your buck.
Word count: 405
(NC) Technological innovation is spilling out of the smartphone and into the home. But what is worth the investment? Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her picks for the top five kitchen tech innovations worth checking out this season.
Word count: 355
(NC) At the heart of every home is the kitchen — a space for cooking, eating, congregating, sharing and kicking back. But keeping your kitchen looking its best can be complicated, as large-scale renovations are expensive and disruptive. But a few simple updates can have a major impact. Here are some tricks and trends for updating this popular room.
Word count: 177
(NC) This season runway trends introduce a myriad of new colours to your wardrobe palette. From powerful reds to metallic tones, this fall revives the expected, welcoming classic warm tones while exploring new adventurous terrain.
Word count: 162
(NC) Even if being an organized perfectionist doesn't come naturally to you, big changes often come from small adjustments. Try out the following habits to help you organize your life at work and home.
Word count: 279
(NC) Each year, we declutter our lives through a crusade called spring cleaning. It marks the transition from wearing our winter garb to our summer digs, but no such milestone is allotted to the seasonal transition during fall.
Word count: 248
NC) Transitioning your closet from summer to fall can be seamless with a few go-to pieces. Since the warm weather doesn't disappear all at once, neither should your summer clothing. By swapping in strategic items, you can comfortably freshen up your wardrobe without saying goodbye to the tried and true summer styles you love.
Word count: 245
(NC) From organic fair-trade coffee to fitness trackers and vegan restaurants, signs of the clean living movement are popping up in neighbourhoods across Canada. More than a fad, it's a lifestyle transformation that's all about leading healthier and more sustainable lives. Here are some tips to try the trend.
Word count: 288
(NC) We all like to think our kids make smart, safe decisions every time. But everyone makes mistakes, sometimes through poor judgment or misinformation. For example, 24 percent of young adults believe it's safe to drive a vehicle only a couple of hours or less after using marijuana. Another 26 percent even believe that a driver is either the same or better on the road when under the influence of marijuana.
Word count: 218
(NC) New research shows some dangerous beliefs that we have about driving and marijuana — and it's especially worrying for young people and parents. Most concerning is that 26 percent of young adults believe a driver is either the same or better on the road when under the influence of cannabis. Some people across all generations believe it's safer to drive a vehicle after using cannabis than alcohol.
Word count: 338
(NC) With the federal government intending to legalize cannabis in Canada soon, many parents are wondering what this means for kids, especially for their teens. If you're worried about the coming changes or simply want to start a conversation with your child about marijuana, here are five facts to know and share.
Word count: 284
(NC) Across the country, cannabis legalization and regulation has quickly become a trending topic, with many wondering what it means for their families, communities and neighbourhood roads. Here's a primer that can help give you peace of mind.
Word count: 445
(NC) Some conversations can be tricky for parents, but probably the most important one you need to sum up the courage for is about drug-impaired driving. Young people continue to be the largest group of drivers who die in crashes and later test positive for alcohol or drugs, yet according to Health Canada, only 11 per cent of parents surveyed said they had discussed the risks of driving under the influence of a drug with their teenagers. This number drops to 4 percent when teens themselves were asked if their parents have spoken to them about drugs and driving.
Word count: 199
(NC) Your garden has flourished beautifully throughout the spring and summer. Now it's time to prepare for the autumn leaves and winter chill. Good fall garden prep is one sure way to ensure that your greenery returns beautiful and bountiful in the spring.
Word count: 390
(NC) Finding time to make a home-cooked meal is challenging for most, but making freezable dishes is a great way to stay on track on any busy week. Pasta sauce, chili, stew, soup, casserole and meat pie recipes all freeze, thaw and reheat well without compromising quality or taste. Pair your favourite recipe with hardy, protein-packed options like ground pork, Italian sausage, smoked ham or pork roast for a hearty meal that will stand up to the freezer.
Word count: 301
(NC) Everyone loves good homemade meals, but most of us don't have time to prepare them. Take the stress out of meal preparation with a flip of a switch — whether you're cooking for one or five, slow cookers are a great way to save time and deliver delicious comfort food.
Word count: 306
(NC) This autumn, try hearty meals that don't require a full day prepping so you can spend more time enjoying the beautiful colours and warm temperatures. Perfect for those on the go, slow cooker dishes are a great time saver.
Word count: 253
(NC) Perfect for an everyday breakfast or weekend brunch, this recipe features portabella mushroom blending seamlessly with Italian sausage, while peppers add colour to the dish.
Word count: 258
(NC) Fresh mushrooms are delicious and versatile, making it easy to add them to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their rich, earthy flavour and meaty texture can add another level to your homemade dishes. Why not try them?
Word count: 251
(NC) A serving of vegetables has made its way into these mini chicken meat loaves, but you wouldn't know it. The mushrooms and carrot help keep the meatloaf moist while adding flavour and nutrients. Make a big batch in advance and freeze for up to one month.
Word count: 408
(NC) Fall is the perfect time to pick up some new habits to improve your life before the holiday rush. Here are some tips to make a positive change:
Word count: 344
(NC) Do you ever struggle to find space in your workplace's communal fridge, or go to grab your lunch and find it missing? While Canadians are well-known for being friendly and polite, a recent survey suggests that our behaviour at work — especially in the kitchen — is anything but.
Word count: 318
(NC) Farmers' markets are a popular destination for shoppers looking to eat healthy, locally sourced food. Sometimes, however, the lure of the bounty is greater than the time and effort needed to actually prepare what's been purchased.
Word count: 192
(NC) October is a time to recall the voices and contributions of women who have been forgotten in the history books. It is a month to learn, support and celebrate. If you are looking for ways to commemorate this special month, check out this list:
Word count: 242
(NC) There are more ways to enjoy Thanksgiving than eating lots of turkey, pumpkin and mashed potatoes. The fall holiday marks out a time to remember what we are grateful for in our lives. If you want to do more this year to show how you are thankful, consider helping a charitable cause. It's a great way to give back. You can learn more about important causes and make it a family event.