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Word count: 350
(NC) Many of us enjoy preparing meals as a family, and it can be a great way to get the kids involved and learning to make healthier food choices. But while you're cooking up a storm, be sure to practice essential food safety to protect everyone you're feeding.
Word count: 271
(NC) Frozen breaded chicken products are easy to prepare and often are one of our children's favourite meals. But they usually contain raw poultry and should be handled and prepared no differently from other raw poultry products.
Word count: 164
(NC) Most oral cavity cancers can be treated if discovered early. Dental hygienists provide oral cancer screenings at each appointment and will make referrals to specialists if they spot anything unusual.
Word count: 209
(NC) National Dental Hygienists Week takes place from April 7 to13 as part of oral health month in Canada. The week's theme, “Oral Health for Total Health,” reminds us that taking care of our mouths, teeth and gums benefits our overall physical and mental well-being.
Word count: 82
(NC) Oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. As our partners in disease prevention, dental hygienists encourage us to commit to a good daily oral hygiene routine. All it takes is six simple steps:
Word count: 265
(NC) Planning for your future or a loved one's can be stressful. There are many factors to consider, like budget, lifestyle and care needs. It's a smart idea to have a plan in place early on, so when the time comes the transition is easier.
Word count: 319
(NC) We all want the best quality of life during our retirement years. Whether you're planning for your own future or for your parents', making wise choices is essential for enjoying this life stage.
Word count: 327
(NC) Whether your parents hope to downsize, age in place or become snowbirds, helping them create a plan for when they reach this life stage is a great way to support them. Start a conversation now so they can make informed choices about where they live and the care they receive.
Word count: 239
(NC) Once you have registered your consent to organ and tissue donation, the most important step is talking to your family about your wishes. You may find the topic of donation an uncomfortable one to think about, but when someone passes away suddenly, their family is often faced with a hard decision at an already difficult time.
Word count: 302
(NC) Updating your home can make the space more livable and beautiful. But giving your home a refresh can also boost your property value. Here are some ideas to consider for your next improvement project, big or small.
Word count: 297
(NC) A new season is here, and that means it's time to give your living spaces an update. Refresh your home with a few strategic elements that can take you from winter to wow.
Word count: 266
(NC) As homes become smaller and we adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, interior décor is offering fresh solutions to furnish tighter spots. Here are some big ideas to maximize your mini space.
Word count: 313
(NC) With summer around the corner, it's time to start preparing your home for outdoor entertaining and long days of sunshine. This starts with the right window fashions, which can help you control light and transition between environments.
Word count: 255
(NC) Your home is a treasured place for living, relaxing and hosting guests. Give it new energy with these trending looks.
Word count: 308
(NC) The perfect window treatment should do more than just cover a window. It can make a big difference in your home, managing its daily illumination, privacy and energy management needs and adding value and style to any room.
Word count: 398
(NC) If you've been reading recent headlines, you know that many communities in Canada are seeing a growing number of opioid-related overdoses and deaths.
Word count: 283
(NC) Many of us with pain are prescribed painkillers. Opioids are one of the most commonly prescribed pain medications in Canada, and are necessary for some people to lead productive lives and to manage their pain.
Word count: 202
(NC) Between work, family commitments and taking time to relax from it all, it can be hard to find the time to cook healthy meals. But don't reach for the takeout flyer just yet — use these simple tips to prepare wholesome dishes in no time.
Word count: 239
(NC) Eating well starts at the grocery store. It's much easier to prepare healthier meals and snacks when your kitchen is stocked with healthier ingredients. But with thousands of products to choose from, buying nutritious foods can be a challenge. Follow these tips to make tasty and nutritious food choices for you and your family:
Word count: 272
(NC) You may have heard the term “antimicrobial or antibiotic resistance” — but what does it really mean? And why should you care?Antibiotics are medicines that can quickly help to treat some types of infection caused by bacteria. Antimicrobial resistance means that various types of germs survive even when medicines are used to treat them.
Word count: 232
(NC) At some point in your life you likely have been prescribed an antibiotic to treat a bacterial infection.
Word count: 315
(NC) These easy-to-make and delicious zucchini boats are a perfect side, appetizer or snack for any event. Blend mushrooms with meat to cut down on cost, lighten the meal and add an extra serving of veggies.
Word count: 330
(NC) An organized and well-designed laundry room can make everyday chores quicker and easier. Refreshing this space is a great project for spring. As Canada's most trusted contractor and handyman, Mike Holmes has seen it all — from faulty venting to amateur plumbing to flooring gone wrong. Here he shares his expertise so you can avoid laundry room letdown.
Word count: 291
(NC) A recent study found that we spend three years on average of our life preparing meals. Not to mention time spent putting away groceries, cleaning, and just grabbing a cup of tea. It's no wonder so many of us get the itch to change up the look of our kitchen spaces.
Word count: 248
(NC) A sound roof protects your home and family, but after a particularly rough winter it is vulnerable to wear and tear. Jack Rende, senior merchant for building materials at the Home Depot Canada shares three steps to a roof that stops leaks and increases curb appeal.
Word count: 326
(NC) Getting a new furry friend is very exciting, but the responsibility that comes with it can be overwhelming. Provide your pooch with the best care possible by steering clear of these common mistakes according to PetSmart's learning centre.
Word count: 232
(NC) The snow has melted, the sun is shining, brunch is taking place outside again and you and your pup can finally go for walks without worrying about the chill. Celebrate the season with these three trending themes.
Word count: 304
(NC) While many families rush to enjoy the outdoors as soon as the weather gets warmer, it's important to take a moment and review safety procedures – especially around water.
Word count: 420
(NC) Imagine the horror of finding yourself imprisoned in a foreign country, without access to a fair trial or with the threat of being tortured.
Word count: 307
(NC) If the latest blockbuster sequels are making your brain numb, consider checking out these three riveting documentaries recommended by Amnesty International. You'll learn something new about human rights struggles around the world.
Word count: 234
(NC) University and college students are in their final stretch; finishing final exams, essays and projects. While getting good grades has been shown to increase the chances of landing a good job, employers are increasingly looking for even more from applicants.
Word count: 367
(NC) One of the very best financial decisions you can make is to write a will. But it's astonishing how many people in Canada don't have one — more than half, according to some estimates.
Word count: 360
(NC) Yearround, volunteers enrich their communities, help their neighbours and make positive changes. Every April, we take time during National Volunteer Week to recognize the enormous impact of volunteers in their communities.
Word count: 327
(NC) Many drivers assume that since premium fuel costs more and has higher octane, then it must be more refined or better for their engine. Conversely, it can be tempting to save at the pumps by opting for a regular unleaded gasoline rather than topping up with the expensive stuff.
Word count: 277
(NC) Purchasing a vehicle is an important decision. There are many questions to consider in the process. One of the key ones is whether to buy new or used.
Word count: 212
(NC) The season for new beginnings has more benefits than the emerging greenery. Here are some tips from Hydro One on how to spring forward into saving energy during longer days:
Word count: 256
(NC) Planning to spruce up your property? Taking the time to landscape well will not only make your home a pleasant place to live in while adding curb appeal — it will also help you use your electricity wisely. Here are some tips from Hydro One:
Word count: 214
(NC) Spring marks the unofficial start of digging season. If you are thinking of putting in a new garden, be aware of potential hazards before you pick up a shovel. Here are some key safety steps to take:
Word count: 282
(NC) Spring is in the air, which means it's time to get your home revitalized and ready for the new season. From colour to décor, Canadian interior designer and home décor pro Brian Gluckstein shares a few of his favourites for spring.
Word count: 339
(NC) Looking to update your home for the season but don't have time or budget for a major renovation? Do it right with these three easy DIY paint projects that can each be done in just a day.
Word count: 399
(NC) Each year we are presented with new and innovative trends in design and home décor. But many of us often wonder how to translate these daring styles into our own homes for livability.
Word count: 294
(NC) If you're like most people living with a chronic condition, you have no plans of letting it stop you from leading an exciting, active life. But this takes careful management, which can sometimes be challenging and complicated. Fortunately, you can use these smart tips to make managing an illness like diabetes easier.
Word count: 392
(NC) Managing a chronic medical condition like diabetes doesn't have to take up a significant part of your day. Check out these simple tips to help you lead an active, hassle-free lifestyle.
Word count: 290
(NC) Simple changes using new technologies and innovation can make a big difference in helping people with chronic conditions enjoy healthier, more active lifestyles. Not too long ago, people had to use large, complex machines to monitor blood glucose levels and home monitoring wasn't even possible. Now, there are even more smart tools that can make managing the condition easier.
Word count: 371
(NC) Many of us would love a furry friend at home but deciding whether to add a pet to your family is a big decision.
Word count: 334
(NC) Loneliness is now considered a health risk as serious as smoking and obesity, and it's affecting the health of many Canadians — everyone from university students to seniors. If you're experiencing pangs of social isolation, consider adopting a pet.
Word count: 271
(NC) Tell any dog or cat owner you're considering adopting a pet and they'll likely gush about the unconditional love and endless joy their pet brings. But there is another reason to adopt a furry family member — it will improve your health.
Word count: 401
(NC) If your home needs a refresh, consider opting for the services of a licensed and qualified contractor for projects that are beyond your DIY skills. Use these tips to select the right one:
Word count: 291
(NC) There's more to getting new flooring than just choosing tiles you like and having them installed. Make these tile secrets part of your project and you'll get better, more beautiful and longer-lasting results.
Word count: 299
(NC) If farmers didn't use pesticides, the world would be without rainforests within a decade. That's according to a leading Canadian potato grower, who says modern crop protection helps farmers produce more food without bringing more land into production.
Word count: 225
(NC) Students these days have a lot to juggle. Between coursework, clubs, work, friends and family, many can hardly find time to take care of themselves. If you are worried about your student falling into unhealthy lifestyle habits, pass along these helpful tips.
Word count: 213
(NC) This year April 15 marks the start of National Volunteer Week. We all know that fitting volunteering into our schedules is easier said than done, but it truly is a rewarding way of being an engaged citizen. Check out this list of just some of the ways volunteering matters in your community and throughout the world:
Word count: 178
(NC) If you are anxious about climate change, consider doing more than usual this year in Earth month. In addition to volunteering or donating to the same charity you have in the past, think a little bit outside the box this year.
Word count: 321
(NC) The first few months in a new year are all about self-reflection and self-improvement. So why not pick up some great skills and learn new things that will help you in your home, at work and in your everyday life?
Word count: 304
(NC) With our country being one of the most multicultural in the world, many of us speak more than one language. Being bilingual has many benefits, including better decision-making, improved memory and protection against illnesses like dementia. Check out the top five languages spoken in Canada, and if you already aren't bilingual, consider learning a second language as it's never too late to start. Why not one of the two official languages?
Word count: 310
(NC) As parents, we want to offer our kids every advantage for a happy, healthy and successful life. Many think this means ensuring our children do well in math and science and doing better in school overall. But did you know that learning a second language like English or French also offers many unique rewards? Here are some reasons to raise your kids bilingual.