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Recreation and Leisure
Word count: 158
(NC) Research has shown that the overall risk of orofacial injury is reduced when a sports mouthguard is worn during athletic activity.
Word count: 297
(NC) A new season is here, and that means it's time to give your living spaces an update. Refresh your home with a few strategic elements that can take you from winter to wow.
Word count: 266
(NC) As homes become smaller and we adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, interior décor is offering fresh solutions to furnish tighter spots. Here are some big ideas to maximize your mini space.
Word count: 255
(NC) Your home is a treasured place for living, relaxing and hosting guests. Give it new energy with these trending looks.
Word count: 308
(NC) The perfect window treatment should do more than just cover a window. It can make a big difference in your home, managing its daily illumination, privacy and energy management needs and adding value and style to any room.
Word count: 281
(NC) Repairing your garden after an extreme winter can take some time and effort. But consistency is key to keeping your blooms fresh and full year after year. Mark Beaty, live goods merchant at The Home Depot Canada, shares tips on how to prepare your garden and help your perennials thrive.
Word count: 304
(NC) While many families rush to enjoy the outdoors as soon as the weather gets warmer, it's important to take a moment and review safety procedures – especially around water.
Word count: 307
(NC) If the latest blockbuster sequels are making your brain numb, consider checking out these three riveting documentaries recommended by Amnesty International. You'll learn something new about human rights struggles around the world.
Word count: 226
(NC) The spring season is one of the best times to begin planting trees. But remember to be mindful of potential hazards in your path. Here are some tips from Hydro One on how to remain safe among trees and power lines:
Word count: 214
(NC) Spring marks the unofficial start of digging season. If you are thinking of putting in a new garden, be aware of potential hazards before you pick up a shovel. Here are some key safety steps to take:
Word count: 213
(NC) This year April 15 marks the start of National Volunteer Week. We all know that fitting volunteering into our schedules is easier said than done, but it truly is a rewarding way of being an engaged citizen. Check out this list of just some of the ways volunteering matters in your community and throughout the world:
Word count: 321
(NC) The first few months in a new year are all about self-reflection and self-improvement. So why not pick up some great skills and learn new things that will help you in your home, at work and in your everyday life?