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Word count: 241
(NC) Drivers are increasingly switching over to battery-powered cars, which is a great step in the battle against climate change. But at what cost? Consumers of these vehicles should ask the manufacturers for details on how “clean” their batteries really are.
Word count: 346
(NC) The growing popularity of fitness trackers, wearables and internet-enabled devices means you can automatically share your running stats from that 5K sprint on social media and adjust your thermostat from anywhere using your smartphone. But these convenient new technologies can provide an easily accessible way for attackers to intercept your personal data.
Word count: 357
(NC) In today's digital world, scoring tickets to the hottest show is all about navigating access times on the internet, not camping out in an overnight line-up with other diehard fans. Whether you're searching for tickets to your favourite band or a local tourist attraction, these tips will help ensure that your privacy and hard-earned dollars stay safe. Many also apply when buying other things online too, like clothes, used goods and other items.
Word count: 382
(NC) Being a parent is a tough job, one that only gets more complicated when your kids start to go online and use smart devices. And with children as young as toddlers hopping onto their mom or dad's tablets, the earlier you start the conversation about using the internet responsibly, the better. Use these tips to prepare for when your child is a toddler or a teenager and every age in between.
Word count: 392
(NC) We all use a variety of internet-connected devices every day, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, fitness trackers and thermostats. But when was the last time you thought about how secure your personal information is on these items? Here are some easy tips for you and the whole family.
Word count: 264
(NC) Our interconnected, always-on lifestyle has plenty of benefits, but one of the occasional downsides is having to juggle a number of devices for both work and play. You can help maintain good work-life balance by making sure that whether personal or professional, your laptops, tablets and smartphones keep your sensitive information secure. Protect your photos, calendars, social data and even money with these five easy steps.
Word count: 427
(NC) Stay productive with a neat and tidy work area that eliminates distractions, saves you time and motivates you for success. Here are some tips to get started.
Word count: 346
(NC) In an always-on world, we increasingly want more choices, including the flexibility to use our favourite products and services on whatever device we're on — from our smartphones to tablets.
Word count: 356
(NC) Whether you commute to an office, run your own business, or occasionally work from home, today's tech solutions can help improve your work-life balance and smooth out your daily tasks.
Word count: 392
(NC) In today's digital age, you are likely storing data that includes sensitive, personal information. Whether you simply use the internet to shop online or run a small business, you're likely sharing or storing very valuable information and you may not even know it. This data can contain sensitive information that, if compromised, can have widespread implications. Therefore, it's important to ensure that you're properly protecting your data. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
Word count: 274
(NC) It's no secret that millennials are a data hungry generation, but a recent survey from Fido highlights just how much they love their smartphones. Millennials are five times more reliant on their phone to maintain their sex life and almost three-quarters say they are reliant on their mobile phone for their social life in general.
Word count: 344
(NC) Today's young people are rivaling baby boomers as the largest population segment and are already the biggest generation in the Canadian workforce. As smartphone use and data consumption continues to rise, millennials are setting the new normal for the role that cellphones play in our lives.
Word count: 379
(NC) Data consumption across Canada continues to rise, with people using their mobile devices for everything from checking emails to streaming videos. In fact, a recent survey from Fido found that over half of millennials believe they would be lost without their smartphone and that they send twice as many instant messages compared to older generations.
Word count: 405
(NC) New smart home innovations are changing the way we interact with virtually every aspect of our houses, condos and apartments, helping save time, money and energy. Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her thoughts on smart home products and services that offer the best bang for your buck.
Word count: 405
(NC) Technological innovation is spilling out of the smartphone and into the home. But what is worth the investment? Tech expert and author Amber Mac shares her picks for the top five kitchen tech innovations worth checking out this season.