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Top 3 habits of organized people

(NC) Even if being an organized perfectionist doesn't come naturally to you, big changes often come from small adjustments. Try out the following habits to help you organize your life at work and home.

1. Practice mise en place (putting in place). Chefs are trained to organize their workspace so that every component is in the right place. Design your space before you begin working to optimize your workflow and improve efficiency. It takes time and diligence but pays off when it is easy to find everything you need.

2. Take 15 minutes every day to organize. It doesn't matter what it is or whether you finish, small steps add up over time to create greater organization over the long-term.

3. Find small ways to reduce distractions. A solution as simple as choosing to wear a watch can improve your ability to concentrate. Forgo checking your smartphone and choose a classic and modern watch like the collections from Daniel Wellington to pursue simplicity.

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