September 2021


10 fun, easy ways to help keep your kids active

(NC) Teaching your child the importance of physical activity will help them throughout life, while also creating lasting memories. Make your way through this list to keep your little ones active and having fun.

1. Go for a nature walk/hike. Along the way, you can grab some objects and make art using paint or by creating a collage when you get home.

2. Go for a bike ride. Get some exercise by going on a family bike ride.

3. Take a yoga class together. Yoga is a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle as well as mindfulness.

4. Have a dance party. Who doesn’t love a dance party? Turn up that music and groove to your favourite tunes with your little ones.

5. Get involved with a fundraiser. Joining an activity-based fundraiser is a great opportunity to provide tangible life skills while keeping your kiddos’ active. Consider joining Lace Up to End Diabetes, where participants choose their physical activity (walk, run, dance, etc.) and raise money to help end diabetes.

6. Find fitness in everyday activities. Even when watching TV, you can always encourage your children to do small activities like jumping jacks while watching to get their blood flowing.

7. Have them help with outdoor chores. A great way to keep kids active is by having them participate in outdoor chores, such as raking leaves, watering plants or helping to clean and organize the garage. Kids like to be included in adult activities, so this will ensure they feel accomplished as they move their bodies.

8. Bring a friend along. Kids love to hang out with their friends, so incorporate them into a bike ride, hike or team sport. This will make fitness fun.

9. Put your child in charge. Let your kid pick their own activity to do each day. Giving your child the ability to choose what to do will help them feel empowered.

10. Be an active role model. Teach your kids that taking care of yourself is an important part of your week. When children see that you’re active, they’ll be more likely to model your behaviour.

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