2 simple ways to upgrade your cleaning routine

(NC) Your daily on-the-go schedule can make it challenging to keep your home clean and tidy. At the same time, relaxing in a clean home can feel calming and also help declutter the mind.

Here are two simple ways to upgrade your cleaning routine. As with any system, creating one that will work for you, not against you, starts with a good structure and the right tools.

Break it down and plan ahead
Making a whole list of chores that includes everything from making the bed to cleaning out your storage space can feel overwhelming.

Start with what needs to be done today. These tasks may include loading the dishwasher making the bed, putting away clutter and wiping down countertops.

Once you’ve settled into a daily routine with these tasks, move on to weekly chores and pick a designated weekly chore day to get these done. Some tasks you might schedule weekly include laundry, changing linens, lawn work and gardening, vacuuming and dusting.

Then, move on to monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks. These chores will be more time consuming, and it helps to schedule these ahead so you are prepared to take them on. These tasks could include cleaning the stove and oven, cleaning out the fridge, tidying your storage spaces like the garage or basement, and sorting through old clothes.

Be mindful of your health at home
The products you use in your home leave behind residue that can come into contact with your skin, the food you prepare, the clothes you wear and your pets. Any cleaning products should be gentle on your home, furniture and your health, avoiding harsh cleaning products that contain hazardous and toxic chemicals.

Opt for naturally-derived, nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products when you can. This will keep your home free of dangerous chemicals and create a healthier home environment. You can find affordable, high-quality natural and green cleaning products at local health food stores like Nature’s Emporium.

Find more information at naturesemporium.com.

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