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December 2023


3 affordable ways to shop more sustainably this year

(NC) Adopting more mindful and sustainable shopping habits can be a small yet significant step towards a greener and more eco-friendly future. Here are three simple ways to shop more sustainably – without draining your bank account:

  1. Go second-hand or go home
    It’s no secret that fast fashion is a major contributor to carbon emissions and creates massive amounts of waste. Embracing second-hand and vintage shopping is one way to combat this problem. Thrift stores offer a variety of chic, unique and stylish options that are also more sustainable and often more affordable too. By going pre-loved, you can help reduce the demand for new production and extend the lifespan of your clothes. Win-win.

  2. Lower your carbon footprint by going local
    Locally owned businesses support your community’s economy, and buying from them also contributes to a more sustainable supply chain. Buying from inventory already in your local stores helps minimize carbon emissions and pollution related to shopping. If you’re stumped on where to find your favourite items locally, try a browser plug-in like One Red Maple – a free service that instantly compares prices of the same product across different stores so you can stay within budget and purchase from the locally owned store closest to home.

  3. Invest in quality over quantity
    While it can sometimes be more expensive in the short term, buying fewer well-made items over many lower-quality items is valuable from both an environmental and economical perspective. Cheap, disposable items often require frequent replacement, causing more waste and expense over time. Going with higher-quality, durable, sustainably sourced materials can ultimately save you money in the long run and reduce your overall environmental impact.

Making mindful choices like these can help you support the environment for the long term – and keep your spending in check.


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