May 2022


3 tips for sustainable grocery shopping

(NC)Shopping for food is a regular activity for most families, but have you considered how little changes you can make at the grocery store could have a big impact on the planet? Making sustainable choices doesn’t need to be daunting. Here are three easy tips to make your grocery shopping greener:

1. Prioritize eco-friendly packaging
Single use food and beverage waste make up a startling 26.6 per cent of all Canadian according to the World Wildlife Foundation. On your next visit to the grocery store, look for products with recyclable or compostable packaging.

Remember to dispose of packaging correctly at home by building an efficient recycling and composting system that your whole family can get involved with – even the kids.

2. Choose better food for a better planet
Food producers such as Maple Leaf Foods have been developing innovative ways to create delicious meals while offsetting carbon production. Offsetting carbon means that business practices don’t contribute to global warming and climate change. Look for foods from its range of sustainable proteins that have fully recyclable packaging.

3. “Upcook” your meals to reduce food waste
We all throw away food we don’t use on a weekly basis, whether it’s well-intentioned excess ingredients or uneaten takeout. Next time, don’t leave your leftovers behind – “upcook” them in fun ways to reduce your food waste. Plan ahead and buy in bulk to maximize creativity in meals and save money on your overall grocery bill.

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