Family activities that won’t break the bank

(NC) The everyday cost of taking care of a family can bring sticker shock to even the savviest parent. So, how do you give your kiddos a fun time without spending an arm and a leg? Here’s some inspiration to help:

Go to cheap movie night
Many movie theatres have cheaper showings on Tuesdays, so make sure to take advantage if you love the silver screen. To host a movie night in your own home you can bust out some special snacks, turn the lights down low and snuggle up to make the evening special.

Create a home spa day
Break out the bubble bath and nail polish, to enjoy a DIY spa day. It’s a fun way for kids to play and be imaginative. You can find products on sale or at the dollar store to enjoy a foot soak, manicure or experiment with colourful make up.

Learn to DIY together
There is lots of deep do-it-yourself knowledge available on sites like YouTube or Take your pick of projects, get creative and learn a new skill while spending time together. Whether you make your own chess set, learn to sew a Halloween costume, or build your own tree fort, you can choose your own adventure, end goal (and budget) for yourself.

Host a lemonade stand
A rite of passage for many kids, running a lemonade stand is a great way to keep your kids occupied and teach them a little something about money. It’s a joy to see their faces light up when they make a sale. All you need is some lemonade, a homemade sign, a tin for coins, and some kind of small table.

Explore the outdoors
Get outside on a family-friendly hike, a bike ride through the neighbourhood or a simple backyard camping adventure for easy, low-cost ways to get active together.

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