Finding the right insurance options

(NC) Buying a house is a major life event that will most likely affect your finances. But whether or not you're in the midst of such a change, it's important to check in on whether you have sufficient insurance coverage for your family.

A person's financial health includes things like their spending, savings, borrowing and future financial plans, such as dedicating a set amount of savings for unexpected events. It can also include optional insurance, such as TD Mortgage Protection, to help pay down or pay off the remainder of your mortgage balance in case of death or a covered critical illness.

Why is this so important?

According to a 2022 TD survey, 31 per cent of Canadian respondents are willing to cash out their investment assets to save their home in the event something unexpected happens, including a covered critical illness. Optional mortgage critical illness and life insurance could help pay down or pay off the remainder of your mortgage balance in case of certain health events.

Even though it can be tough to think about, life is unpredictable and it’s important to plan ahead.

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