March 2023


Protect your home and personal safety while you’re away

(NC) After a couple of months cooped up indoors, many of us are ready to get on the move. Whether we’re visiting friends and family or simply seeking warmer temperatures, here are some tips to keep yourself, your loved ones and your home safe while you’re away.

Plan for your mail
A pile of packages outside your door is a clear sign to would-be thieves that no one is home. Ask a trusted neighbour to collect it or get Canada Post to hold your mail until you return. Place a temporary pause on any newspaper subscriptions you have. This gives you peace of mind knowing that nothing will pile up while you’re gone.

Add entryway cameras
Installing cameras at your front and back entrances allows you to easily check in on what’s happening outside your home. For a simple and effective setup, look for an all-in-one option like Telus SmartHome Security, which includes 24/7 monitoring and real-time alerts so you know if something’s up, as well as automation for lights, heating and devices. Security signs on your front lawn and cameras are also known to deter criminals since they don’t want to risk exposure and getting caught.

Time your lights
It’s obvious no one’s home when the lights don’t turn on for hours or days on end, especially in the dark winter months. Set up your most-used lights on timers to go on and off at typical times of day so no one can tell you’re not there.

Try wearable tech
Apart from the home, consider upgrading your family’s personal safety with new technology woven into wearable devices. Telus SmartWear Security for instance includes wearable personal safety devices disguised as stylish necklaces, bracelets and keychains with a hidden panic button that will share your location and can instantly connect you with contacts or help dispatch emergency services with a double click.

Revisit your social media approach
You may love to post about special occasions on social media, but it’s important to be careful of how much you share and when. Before you depart, look through your feed for any posts that give out personal information about your habits and your home – even a street name or house number. Consider waiting until you get home to post about vacation activities, and be sure to disable geotagging in your settings.

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