June 2022


Tips to make your road trip the best one yet

(NC) Summer is finally here, and Canadians are ready to escape and explore. Planning on hitting the road with your family, friends and maybe even your pet? Here are some tips for planning a road trip everyone will enjoy.

Safety first
The safety of all passengers is a priority when on the road. While it should go without saying that you need to wear your seatbelt, don’t forget this step if you have a furry friend joining you on the road. A vehicle safety tether allows free-but-restricted movement for pets, reducing driver distraction and improving safety.

Get strategic about stops
Planning when and where to rest allows you to save time by reducing the number of stops during your trip. Mealtimes are a great option and picking places that have grassy areas or places to walk are also great for a picnic or enjoying some sightseeing while stretching your legs.

Stock up on essentials
Snacks are an important part of any good road trip. Stock up on everybody’s favourite treats and enough water to curb the hunger pangs on your journey. If you’re bringing your pet along, prepare a travel bag with food, water and the basic necessities to ensure your furry friend is safe and comfortable.

En route entertainment
Keeping passengers entertained and relaxed along the way is important when preparing for a long drive. A good playlist or podcasts you can binge along the way are a good bet. For kids, pointing out historical places throughout your trip can be educational and entertaining for everyone. There are also a number of products like PetSafe’s collapsible travel crate that can provide your pet with a bird’s eye view to the scenery and allow you to easily peek into the backseat to check on them.

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