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September 2023


3 ways to automate mundane business tasks

(NC) No matter how passionate you are about your business, there are probably a few tasks, such as payroll, inventory or invoicing, that you find time consuming or dull, even though they are incredibly important. However, many of these tedious tasks can now be automated, freeing up your time for more efficient and productive work. Here are three ways you can take advantage:

Organizing your tasks
At many small companies, leaders often wear many hats, having a hand in everything from hiring to customer service to the office setup. But when you can use software to organize workflow and allocate tasks, you don’t have to think about which step or detail comes next. With project management tools, you take memory out of the equation, reducing your mental load and the chances you’ll miss something. It will also make your processes obvious so you can streamline job training and see any steps you could improve.

Marketing and communication follow up
There are so many little touchpoints that go a long way towards sustaining a company’s business. Whether it’s sending thank you notes, notifying loyal customers about sales or requesting online reviews, you can automate many of these time-consuming messages with software services or add ons. Then you can spend more time perfecting other areas of your enterprise and handling more immediate priorities.

Accounting responsibilities
Dealing with finances can be a challenge for many of us, especially when it comes to managing a business, but automation could help you keep better records, get paid faster and avoid a lot of stress. Using cloud-based accounting software is the gold standard. With a platform such as FreshBooks, you can find time-saving perks like invoicing that provides payment options, as well as late-payment reminders and expense tracking.

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