Get the facts about COVID-19 vaccines

(NC) As the vaccine rollout continues throughout Canada, you may have questions you want answered before you get the vaccine. Learning the facts can help you make an informed decision.

Here, we tackle common questions you may have, using information directly from Health Canada.

How were the COVID-19 vaccines developed so quickly?
Creating a new vaccine can take years. However, COVID-19 vaccines were developed quickly without skipping any safety steps thanks to advances in science and technology; international collaboration among scientists, health professionals, researchers, industry and governments; and increased funding.

Are the vaccines safe?
Canada is recognized around the world for its high standards and rigorous vaccine review process.
Only vaccines that are proven to be safe, effective and of high quality are authorized for use in Canada. The COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested during their development and carefully reviewed by Health Canada. Clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccines have been taking place since the spring of 2020 and millions of people in Canada and around the world have already been vaccinated.

Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?
The vaccines cannot give you COVID-19 because they don’t contain the virus that causes it.

What’s the difference in vaccine types?
Health Canada has approved to date two types of vaccines: mRNA and viral vector vaccines. mRNA vaccines provide instructions to your cells for how to make a coronavirus protein. This protein will trigger an immune response that will help to protect you against COVID-19.

Viral vector vaccines use a virus (not the virus that causes COVID-19) that’s been made harmless to produce coronavirus proteins in your body without causing disease. This protein will trigger an immune response that will help protect you against COVID-19. Both types of vaccines are safe and effective.

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