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How to take your photography skills to the next level

(NC) With most smartphone cameras offering excellent quality these days, getting great shots of family, friends and vacation destinations has never been easier. So why do your photos still not impress? Whether you just want a decent family snap or you’ve been dabbling in photography for years, these simple tips can take your pics from blah to bliss.

For the casual novice:

  • Find a focal point

    Next time you snap a photo, think about what you want the viewer to really notice in it. Pinpoint something specific within the frame, such as a particular tree or a family member’s eyes, and use that as the focal point.

  • Use the rule of thirds
    Turn on the gridlines in your camera settings or simply picture two vertical and two horizontal lines dividing the camera view into three columns and three rows. When you take photos, place your subject in one vertical or horizonal third. Place the part of the subject that you want to be the focal point in a spot where the gridlines meet to draw the viewer’s eye.

For the more experienced photographer:

  • Look for the feeling

    If you’ve got some (or a lot) of technique, but your images look a bit dull, come to your next shoot with the aim to photograph a feeling. Use this perspective to focus your eye – and your camera – on what is interesting and engaging to the viewer.

  • Change perspective
    Sometimes looking at things from new perspectives can be all the spark you need for your creativity. As drones are becoming more popular and accessible, they can be a great way to access wow-worthy views you’ve never been able to record before.

Before you rush out to buy one, just know that there are important rules to follow. For example, if you want to fly a drone between 250 grams and 25 kilograms, you will need to register the drone and pass an online exam for obtaining your Pilot Certificate.

Find more information about drone rules in Canada at

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