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Summer planning guide: 4 things to consider this season

By Allan Britnell, Editor-in-Chief, News Canada  

(NC) For many of us, summer is the most wonderful time of the year. The weather is warm, we take vacations and get to enjoy fresh local produce, among many other highlights. But the heat and blazing sun can also cause health issues for many. Here are four things to think about while you’re out enjoying the weather.

Beat the heat
While we often dream of sunny summer days, high temperatures can be hazardous to our health. If you will be outside in the heat, wear loose-fitting, light-coloured, breathable clothes. Stay in the shade as much as possible and hydrate. If you’re indoors, turn on an air conditioner, or relocate to a cooler location such as a basement, community centre or library. Remember to check on elderly neighbours, friends and family members to make sure they’re cool and hydrated.