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March 2024


Tips for the perfect Family Day

(NC) Mid-winter is the perfect time for a day off to spend some quality time with your family and take part in classic activities such as skating, tobogganing and cross-country skiing.

For newcomers experiencing their first winter here, all these activities may be brand new and especially exciting. They may also be just learning about the long weekend in February that goes by a few different names across the country. It’s Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Islander Day in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia Heritage Day. In Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan it’s called Family Day.

Whatever the holiday is called, and whether it’s your first time trying something or you’re a pro, there are some tips to help you take advantage of the long weekend together – without breaking the bank.

Plan your day

Movie tickets, takeout meals or a visit to a museum can really add up. So, think ahead about what you can afford to spend on special food, activities or entertainment this long weekend to help you set some limits.

Don’t worry if your budget is feeling thin, there are plenty of fabulous, affordable activities you can do together this long weekend.

Low-cost ideas to enjoy Family Day together

  • Go tobogganing: Hopping on a sled and whizzing down a snowy slope is the perfect winter activity for adrenaline-obsessed young ones. Look for a hill at a nearby park, wear a helmet and watch for trees. Go early to avoid the crowds. Skip this if there’s more ice than snow on the ground.
  • Hit the ice: Skating is a classic Canadian pastime and a rite of passage for many kids and new Canadians. Rent ice skates at local rinks for a few bucks or ask around if a friend or colleague has any you can borrow.
  • Write your story: If the weather isn’t cooperating, stay indoors and start sharing family lore. Encourage kids of any age to ask questions and share their own memories and family stories. Write everyone’s favourites down and have the kids create illustrations or create a scrapbook together.
  • Get messy in the kitchen: Pass on a cherished family recipe to celebrate the day. Or get creative and make a new tradition. Homemade pizzas are one endlessly customizable family favourite. Your crust could be anything from homemade dough to pita, tortillas or naan.

Share the love from afar

For anyone spending Family Day far from families they left back home, it’s a good excuse for a catch-up session to share stories of your adventures. If money is more your speed or style, maybe just send a money transfer. But be sure to check the fees first. RBC clients get no-fee international money transfers to help support family back home.

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